Guyker Tune-O-Matic Style Electric Guitar Bridge Stop Bar Tailpiece Tremolo

This is a similar Tremolo system to the Deusenberg Les Trem II but a lot less expensive.
This is sort of a bit of a mini review, it’s not something that I would usually do but as it’s an interesting option for several guitars that are not usually offered with a Tremolo system it’s worthwhile doing it!
I’ve put it into my Harley Benton Jazzmaster style guitar, it’s something that I’ve wanted for a long time but the cost of the Deusenberg system was more than the guitar cost!
I found this quite by accident, it turned up on my YouTube feed - curiosity spiked hard and by the time I had to watch the video, check if the store of the great river had it in stock - it was on order plus the recommended roller bridge. The total cost was just over half of the price I paid for the guitar. I had already replaced the tuners, nut and replaced the bent strip string trees with roller ones.
This is the two parts together to see what’s involved.

So basically it’s just a simple replacement, all of the parts needed to fit it are supplied so if the threads are different in the body inserts you are supplied with suitable ones.
Next the parts swapped over

A couple of views of the detail of the Trem

A couple of views of the headstock end mods

I haven’t as yet put the strings back on because I want to polish the frets and oil the fingerboard before I try it out properly.
Everything was very straight forward and easy to do, nothing complicated or difficult to do so far, next job after the neck will be setting it up and trying it out.


Looks cool Darrell, Thomann ?

I was looking at something similar a year or so back for one of the Washburns (similar tunomatic bridge). Was out of sock, then appeared and in my giddiness to order did not see it was a lefty! When it arrived did a bit of a wudda fudda howyda nope !! And sent it back with their 30 MBG.

Looking at this, might need to revisit. Cushty !


Nope! It says in my write up

It’s a really well made Trem, the only thing I initially thought could be a problem was the threads were quite loose; on checking the existing threads so were they - looks like it was done deliberately to make a bit of tolerance for it to fit together. Once it was tightened up all was good!

Too busy looking at the pics ! Great River ?? New to me. Enjoy. :sunglasses:

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Jeepers Darrell that’s way too clever for a coffee deprived Sunday morning and no surprise I missed it late on a Saturday night :rofl:

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