Hackney Diamonds


Jeez! An internet abbreviation and then an internet page to explain the abbreviation because the abbreviation itself doesn’t make sense because mileage has got nothing to do with opinion! But of course, YM……oh never mind….IOTDSU….!

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ok boomer :laughing::laughing::laughing: DLTDHYITA

Is that directed at me?

According to a newspaper article about the Rolling Stones new album -

‘ The title Hackney Diamonds refers to local slang for the glass left behind when a car windscreen is smashed in a robbery. Keith explained: “ We were looking at titles like Smash And Grab and Break And Enter, before we hit on Hackney Diamonds “
Mick added: “ It’s also good because we’re a London band “ ‘


@brianlarsen I also began with compilations …

image and

After watching


Then there’s this one that is a generally enjoyable compilation.


Of course all the compilations can be criticised as unnecessary, fulfilment of contractual obligations, and just about money-making.

And are the Stones still delivering a live show worthy of the price of admission. Sure there’d be many different views on that.

Alliteration intended :wink:

I have dipped into Cave but don’t really know anything of his career, the albums etc. Some of the albums I enjoyed, some were really unlistenable to me (probably just too eclectic, meaningful, artistic for my simple palette/palate (take your pick))

Cohen is perhaps more poet who sings rather than reads his poetry?

Also not deeply into Cash. I mostly listen to the American Series produced with Rick Rubin. His covers of a variety of songs from a wide range of artists are wonderful.

I guess you could also add Bob Dylan and Neil Young into the conversation about how artists have evolved over 50-60 years.

In the interview the Stones mentioned that Hackney Diamonds would be quite eclectic. Angry is formulaic pop-rock track. Will be interesting to hear the rest, if perhaps other songs not intended as singles etc have more worthy substance.


As I read the thread, I don’t think so Mark.

That said, I happened to be listening to a John Cleese interview that discussed the topic of humour and making jokes at other people’s expense. In a nutshell, he said it should only be done with genuine affection, nothing mean-spirited or spiteful

Let’s strive to keep our banter to the former, and err on the side of caution.


On the topic of bands whose album releases maintain their high standards, with each album having many great songs, guess whose favourite Australian band released a new album this year and are currently touring Oz and the USA?

The band’s 22nd studio album in a 42 year career.

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How do you guys purchase an album?

It’s amazing what you can do with money :rofl:
No, seriously, I presume you are enquiring about what medium/platform?
I have no qualms about downloading mp3s from the internet (YouTube etc)
If it is an artist I really like or feel should be supported, I will purchase from bandcamp or maybe even buy a physical CD from that jungle company :roll_eyes:

Physical CD means Vinyl CD ? :smiling_face: @brianlarsen

So what are people thinking to the new single, Angry?

Very commercial, very pop rock. It lacks the grit and rock n roll blues drive if their earlier stuff.
In keeping with the internet age, the video has the click bait factor of course and 90% of the content shows the Stones as the younger men they wish they still were. Don’t we all though. :smiley:

Now let’s be fair, it was only about 50%. The other 50% was devoted to the scantily-clad blonde writhing about on a car driving through L.A. :smiley:

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Can’t see it being lauded as a Stones classic. As Gordon said very commercial but I guess that works as marketing for the new album. But there again we live in a different world these days and the music industry reacts to that to maximise sales. Hope the album has better content but not holding my breath. :thinking: