Hackney Diamonds

This may be of interest to some folks here - @DavidP ??

Been a long time. Hope it will be worth the wait.



18 years isn’t it, since their last one?

I’ll give it a go when it comes out.

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80 / 20 worth it to not I reckon!! There’s bound to be at least a couple of absolute bangers, any more than that is a bonus imo.

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I’m probably not the only Stones fan in the Community … gosh that would be quite dire. I’ve seen some of the hype-building.

Now given all the hype, that may set one up for super high expectations and when contrasted against their greatest albums, inevitable disappointment.

My guess will be an enjoyable listen but nothing remarkable.


Problem is David, what are generally accepted as their two best albums, SF and EOMS, are from the early 70’s. More than 50 years ago! I doubt they’ll surpass those albums now.


Gordon @sairfingers
You make me feel old I bought SF in vinyl when it came out and I think we still have it somewhere around the house, but nothing to play it on!!!

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When people use initials instead of spelling out the words, I generally can’t figure out what they’re saying. This time is no exception.

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Sticky Fingers
Exile On Main Street

You have to be of a certain age, methinks.


I’m definitely “of a certain age” (I’m 74.) I just always have trouble figuring out what they mean when people use initials for people’s names (unless it is common for the person to go by initials,) or in this case, album titles.

How hard is it to spell things out to clearly communicate?

OK just gave Angry a listen.

I’m not a Stones fan tbh, some of their stuff I can see why its popular but its all a bit meh to me, and this seems pretty generic stones, its ok, follows their formula but then they are 108 or so so well done

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@sairfingers You are right Gordon. It is asking a lot as I think they rarely reached the same heights after Exile. Some pretty good songs along the way, but albums that were strong without weak filler tracks … I don’t think so.

Angry is OK but as I expected nothing really special. I do like the guitar tones. The riff has a familiar feel and imagine much fun can be had by a game of ‘most like which other riff’. At least not disappointing and poor. I did enjoy the video with the clips pulled from other concert films and videos, recognised a bunch of those and album covers.

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Hackneyed /ˈhaknɪd/ adjective
(of a phrase or idea) having been overused; unoriginal and trite…

At least they’ll keep their aging fans happy by flaunting scantily clad chicks draped on red sports cars, cruising past reminders of when they were young(er) :roll_eyes:

Do fans really enjoy their creative output or are they simply following a Kardashian-esque reality media show? :thinking:
Some artists’ material matures with age like fine wine (Cash, Cohen & Cave spring to mind)
Angry is more akin to stumbling across an old crate of alcopop (no pun intended), cracking one open and discovering: “Hey, this is still drinkable!” :smiley:
Fair play to them on the marketing front. It’ll be a resounding success.
Drink sensibly, folks :wink:

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never thought EOMS was a stellar album. not a bad album, but they had many better IMHO. I never got why this one is so revered.

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Their best two albums, for me, are LIB and BB.


Sorry to the folk struggling with the abbreviations.

image - image


Abbreviations are a result of lazy internet communication!

And so is the quote bubble!

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And those albums are even earlier, late 60s. They do have a terrific and extensive catalogue of hits and superb album tracks but they also have an extensive catalogue of very mediocre album filler tracks.

YMMV. :smiley:


As a kid, I bypassed much of the ‘filler’ by acquiring the double greatest hits album Rolled Gold (1970).
There’d be a good case to made to go back and top it up with the songs that I like since then for my definitive playlist :wink:

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Well there you go! I have absolutely no idea what that means!!