Had my Guitar set up

I have been struggling with playing my acoustic guitar for a while now and thought it was because it was naturally more difficult to play than an electric.
So I bit the bullet and took it to a local shop who had a luthier work for them.
Just got it back and it is like a different guitar. a total revelation. So much easier to play and fret, even that pesky F Barre is a breeze.
Well worth the £40 I paid. (I supplied the new strings)


Getting a set up done is the best investment you can make when starting out. Cerainly made my life easier when I finally got it done on my first acoustic after 20 years of start stop start struggles, It suddenly played like butter and still does. :+1:


Completely agree… I had a jazz bass that was almost unplayable. Had it set up and now it almost plays itself. I tell friends budgeting for their first guitar to include $$$ for a set up. Makes a huge difference.


It’s a must. I spent $100 US on a setup (about a third of the price of the guitar) and it now sounds and plays amazingly better. Also, I change my own strings and switched to Ernie Ball medium lights which I am really enjoying for tone and texture. I plan to experiment more with different weights and types of strings. I hear Elixir phosphor bronze are also good and brighter