Had to have it (I got Gas)

Topic title says it all. Got myself a Harley Benton SC 450 plus. Sounds really nice and looks great. Nicely set up ,play’s rather easy.
Much easier than the acoustic steel string.
So I’m happy.
For now that is;)


Sweet looks great!


Congrats on the New Guitar Day (NGD)

Love that username btw :smiley:
@ToniMacaroni :smiley:


Sweet lookin guitar there Ton! Good specs and seen a lot of good reviews on this one. It’ll serve you well I’m sure.

Cheers, Shane

Hi Toni, happy NGD - nice guitar it will serve you very well. I also like HB guitars, they are decent quality and great value for money, you can’t go wrong with one!

Happy NGD…the prices are an absolute steal for these.

=“LievenDV, post:3, topic:78811”]
Love that username btw :smiley:
@ToniMacaroni :smiley:

Yes, truly a c artist name. Witch I’m still far from. :joy:

Thanks for the nice comments, guys.

Happy NGD Ton. that’s a lovely looking guitar.