Half the World Away by Oasis Lesson

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I’m not real familiar with this tune of theirs, but I’m always down for another Oasis lesson! Also, I spy with my little eye the Space Oddity F and C chords. Thanks Justin!

Hey. Thanks for another tune from my favourite band. Any chance of the tab being uploaded? My brain works teribly without the chords written down to follow. Cheers, leigh

It looks like the C/B chord you play includes an open D string or are you damping the d string?

I think Justin leaves it open, but if you mute it, say by accident, it is still a C/B, pretty much.

I don’t really understand why C/B has an open D in it. I would have thought it should have the E in it. Am i missing something in these slash chords?

Strictly speaking, leaving the D string open doesn’t make it a C/B. There is an E in the Open E string. Alternatively, you either mute the D, or finger the 3rd fret of the D string, giving you an extra E. I find it easiest to just move my 2nd finger from the D string to the A string and muting the D.