Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen count in

In a recent update the count in for this song was changed from a 6 count to a 1…2…
This makes it much harder to start with the correct timing (at least for a beginner like me!) is there a particular reason behind this change?

also there are now a couple of clicks at the end of the count in which I am not sure what are for

Hallelujah is in 6/8 timing so, in my view, is best served by a count in of 6 not 4.

Does the 1…2… count end at 2 or continue?

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Just tagging as a notification of this issue.

Hi Richard, I just took a look at it on the app. To me it counts in 6 and shows the accented beats on 1 & 4 but the app has the number 2 instead of 4.

Thanks @Socio

Aligning what you say does that mean for this count:

1 2 3 4 5 6

It shows this count:

1 - - 2 - -

Where the dashes replace 2 3 5 6 and the 2 is there instead of 4?

Hi Richard,

Yes, that’s my interpretation of what is being displayed by the application. So for 4:4 time signature the app shows where the dot represents the & and for 6:8 time signature the two numbers shown represent beats 1 and 4 and the dots represent beats 2, 3, 5 and 6. I think the app is trying to convey it as:


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That’s helpful and useful for others users hopefully.


Does that help sort things out for you?

but do you hear the 6 clicks? maybe I can try reinstalling the app because mine has only two beats, on the one and on the 2 (which is actually 4)

It’s not a dealbreaker I was just wondering if it was a bug or something that I was supposed to learn :slight_smile:


I’ve just opened up the app to have a go at playing the song fingerstyle along with the backing track. In the count in the app gives you two strong clicks for the accented beats 1 and 4 (albeit app shows number 2). Then for the final beats 5 and 6 the app gives a softer click. It would have been better if there was a soft click for beats 2 and 3 as well. However, the strong click on beat 4 and softer clicks on beats 5 and 6 were enough to be in time with the backing track. Though, I can understand that it may throw people off with timing at first until they figure out the count in.