Hallelujah Fingerstyle - full cover

Hey Silvia, that was a really good performance! Well played, well sung, well picked! Enjoyed it.

I noticed you sang the Jeff Buckley lyrics as well rather than the Leonard Cohen ones :grinning:.

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Silvia, congratulations, this new video was an incredible pleasure to watch. Well played and sung and as I already mentioned in a former post, there is so much feeling in it, one can hear and see the joy you have while playing.
I only started the fingerstyle module a few weeks ago, with a holiday break (Italy :slightly_smiling_face:), must be a wonderful feeling to finally nail this beautiful song. I practiced it every day, made reasonnable progress, but since the day before yesterday everything with fingerstyle goes down the drain :see_no_evil:. Patience, patience, patience…
Have lots of fun while working on your next songs. Looking forward to your next performance!

Hello Silvia, your first video of this song had already been fantastic, but now the complete version was even better :smiley:. Your voice and the church-like acoustic of the room suited so perfectly :hugs:.
It was a real pleasure listening and watching to your performance and definitely worth the work and time you’ve put into it.
Wonderful :blush::clap:!

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Hi and thank you for listening and commenting, it really means a lot :pray: I don’t know about the guy at the top floor, if there is one at all, but I start thinking that maybe each stone or obstacle in the way have not been purposeless. Thanks again :pray: :blush:

Hi and thank you, both for the listening and appreciation and again for the advice and motivation you gave in the previous post.

I don’t know anymore which lyrics these ones are as I have been listening to all versions ( and there are so many!) and choose those that were easier as English is not my mothertongue. I think I also substituted words here and there ( someone instead of somebody e.g.) but I decided not to care too much about that if the meaning didn’t change. My pronunciation is not always good, sometimes I don’t complete the word or I drop the final s on plurals…nevermind!

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Hello Andrea and thank you so much for your comment! Whereabouts in Italy? I live up North, on the Ligurian sea. Hope you enjoyed your holiday :sunglasses: It is indeed a wonderful feeling when things get automated, and you can allow yourself to put some feeling, as to tell the truth there’s so much to think about when playing that for a long time I’ve been wondering what actually “playing by feeling” meant. I agree with you, fingerstyle requires a lot of patience and practice and for me I wasn’t able to practice perfectly right from the beginning, I tried, got many things wrong and then adjusted them, it does require time…but the good news is that those fingerpicked individual notes sounded always sweet and soothing, even when the pattern was far for being what it should have been. It’s so good we can find sometime to really focus on ourselves with our six strings friend…Enjoy your practice session and enjoy your own pace, as it’ s the one that will lead you to the songs you love. Thanks again for such a positive feedback! :blush::pray:

Hello Nicole, thank you so much for your beautiful feedback. All of you in the Community have written such heartwarming words that I have tears of joy in my eyes :heart:

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I only have about an hour to drive to the Italian border. We were at Lake Garda, where we spend a week or so almost every year. I’ve also spent my holidays at the Western Ligurian Coast. Once we had our basis at Imperia, the next time we stayed in Sanremo. It’s such a beautiful region, hope to come back sometimes…

Yes, it’s a long way to get there, but you did a great job! How long did it take you to get there? I decided to start along with the power chords to have an option to blow away my frustration, when I hitted the wrong strings again while practicing fingerstyle :joy:
Hope to see and hear more from you and say hello to Italy

Such a nice region! :heart_eyes: I visited there a couple of times only.

I was born and grown up in the Eastern Ligurian Coast (Cinque Terre) and moved closer to Genova once married.

I wouldn’t be able to say, now it’s two years, but got confident with the fingerpicking pattern earlier…a 5min song with singing yes it took 2 years :see_no_evil: doesn’t really matter, as you I prefer to work on different things, so I can keep it more fun and don’t get too much frustrated when I hit the wrong string :laughing:

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I didn’t have the chance to visit the Cinque Terre region yet but it’s on my list. But I spent 2 nights in Pegli, close to Genova a few years ago :slightly_smiling_face:
Good to hear that it took you a while to get there :joy:. Some folks here seem to learn incredibly fast…but anyway, I don’t put myself under pressure. I’m relaxed and enjoying the whole way to improve. So fullfilling… :heart_eyes:

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Hello Silvia,
What I really liked was the emotion you put into this. We can see and hear that you are so engaged with the emotion of the song so the listener is too. Nice clean regular picking style too and you didn’t have to look! Lot’s of good advice from the others about capos, cameras, and playing standing which shows how these AVOYP can benefit all the community.

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@Twangmaster Hello Greg, thank you so much for the very beautiful words you wrote, they’re making me even more aware that expressing ourselves and our emotions is what really matters and that the listener will connect to those, not with a wrong chord or the imperfections of the performance itself. That’s the chord that pleases the Lord, the one played on our soul’s strings.

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Hi Silvia,
A wonderful performance of this great song!
In some places, I (an old pepper :grin:) got goosebumps.
As for singing standing up to facilitate breathing - this is fair. Maybe in the future?
In the meantime, I am happy to welcome you here on the community as a member of The Holding Guitar On Left Knee Club! Just like me.
And there are very few of us here :wink:
Waiting for more videos.

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@crocodile1 Thank you so much! :heart_eyes: And…

…oh wow! This is cool! I spent months to explore and decide, but the classical guitar position was the one I’ ve always felt more at my ease with. I also have a classical guitar and I love to play it :heart_eyes:

Hi Silvia! First, thank you for the authenticity. That’s great. Second, bravo for the playing. I listen to you til the end as a piece of music and not as a technical critical or a colleague supporter. Just for the experience of listening to your music. Keep on!

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@BigLuc Hello, I’m glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for the listening ( till the end!) and for letting me know your thoughts about it, I really appreciate it! :blush:

Silvia that was magical. Singing and playing is not easy and singing and playing fingerstyle is way up there as a performance skill. And you kicked out of the park. I take a very wide berth to any song that involves fingerstyle at the best of times (but I do try) but sing as well ? Not on you nellie !! And sung with emotion which means you are focusing on the vocals WHILE finger picking. That’s impressive in my book, take a deep bow !



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Thank you Toby! Your comment gifted me with a big smile on my face :blush::blush::blush: Strumming is more difficult to me and I practice a lot more fingerstyle. I know this will sound weird but that’s how it is. I struggled very much with Rhythm at the beginning, in a fingerpicking pattern it’s easier because I pluck a note both on beats and ands, it’s a constant flow of notes, I don’t have even to think of it and here tapping on 1 and 4 is more than enough for it to be nicely on time. But with strumming you drop beats or ands and it’s way more difficult for me, even if I honestly think I improved a lot with strumming. Anyway Practice is key as well as not to be in a hurry to nail songs for me. Thanks again for your positive comment! :pray::blush::heart_eyes: