Hallelujah [Melody] by Leonard Cohen Lesson

Learn to play Hallelujah [Melody] by Leonard Cohen on JustinGuitar!

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Hi @jkahn ,
look ,… this one must also be in your head. :smile:…and he would like to hear if we want more of this…so…have fun… :sunglasses:

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Now I have no excuses :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Seems easy enough, will see if I can figure it. Thanks @roger_holland


I would definitely like to see many more song lessons on playing the melody. Singing is not for me :-). Thanks Justin.

Having a go at this lesson. Does anyone know the amp settings used ? If not any suggestions would be appreciated.Thanks,
Danny Boy

This is a great lesson and I would definitely like to have more melody lessons. To that end, could you add “melody” as a tag in the song search filter to make it easy to bring them all up?