Hallelujah [Melody] by Leonard Cohen Lesson

Learn to play Hallelujah [Melody] by Leonard Cohen on JustinGuitar!

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Hi @jkahn ,
look ,… this one must also be in your head. :smile:…and he would like to hear if we want more of this…so…have fun… :sunglasses:

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Now I have no excuses :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Seems easy enough, will see if I can figure it. Thanks @roger_holland


I would definitely like to see many more song lessons on playing the melody. Singing is not for me :-). Thanks Justin.

Having a go at this lesson. Does anyone know the amp settings used ? If not any suggestions would be appreciated.Thanks,
Danny Boy

This is a great lesson and I would definitely like to have more melody lessons. To that end, could you add “melody” as a tag in the song search filter to make it easy to bring them all up?

How to get that kind of cool clean lead tone? Do you have some advice on where to start ?

To give some context, I mostly play rock - power chords songs like All the small things or clean chords, so that kind of lead tone is not familiar to me.

My guitar is a strat with single coils.

I tried starting with a clean tone and an overdrive pedal to add some gain to the tone. But, it sounded too much distorted. Then, I decreased the dist knob and increased the tone knob on the OD pedal. It improved a little bit.

I tried also no overdrive pedal like when I am playing open chords. But then, how to get the lead punch?

I would like to know more about the amp and/or pedal settings to get that lead tone and sustain. I can kinda get there with my D’Angelico Premier Mini DC XT and multi effects pedal in cathedral but it is distinctly different.