Hallo and Guten Tag from Germany

Hey there JG Community,
name’s Raphael and I went on a journey from Guitar Hero to guitar zero.

I really never came in close contact with making music in my younger years. No one with musical interest in the family and no real musical education in school either. I’ve always listened to music, but making it that was something other people did, those with talent.
Picking up an instrument myself never crossed my mind. That was until I met my girlfriend at the time. She had this game called ‘Guitar Hero’ at home. All it took was a couple of attempts at it, and I was absolutely hooked. Every time I played it I imagined how infinitely more fun must it be to able to do what you could do in the game, but on a real instrument.
So I went and ordered a nylon string guitar from Amazon for thirty bucks, which, in time, I came to affectionately call the ‘clothesline’, because of how she played and sounded. With no instructions to speak of ( apart from the book that came with the guitar, which was of equal quality ), no teacher, an instrument with the playability of barbed wire and life getting in the way I quickly went back from guitar zero to Guitar Hero for a couple of years.
That was until roughly two years ago. That was the time where I found myself in a less tumultuous place in life and with a new guitar of above firewood quality. So I decided to give it another shot, found Justin’s page and its community and for the second time I’m hooked, this time to the real thing.

I’m currently working ( struggling ) my way through rolling chords by learning Greensleeves and Yesterday, as well as planning on starting Grade 3 soon. I’m also wrestling with me whether or not I should participate in the upcoming Open Mic night( which I’ve watched all of them, they are fantastic ).

Anyways, that was plenty of rambling when all I wanted to say was Hi JG community, what you are doing here is very kind and helpful and fun and you are doing a great job.
My hope is to stay a while and have a good time



Hi Raphael, welcome to the community. Great to hear from you. I dreamed of playing the guitar for many years yet thought it took someone with talent. Now, ten years on, I can carry a tune reasonably well and just love the time I get every day with my guitar. Keep at it! The open mics on the community are a great event, I encourage you to join in, always encouraging and performing in front of others, whether live or virtually is a great way to develop your skills.

Welcome Raphael,

Great to hear of your inspiration for guitar, I too was more a music consumer than practitioner, stick with it and you will be rewarded :slightly_smiling_face:

Don’t hesitate to sign up for the open mic events, it’s such an experience and will shoot you onto an epic learning curve….

Wilkommen und Ich wunsche viel vergnugen hier. We are glad to have you here and take the lessons one day at a time. Everyone is very supportive here like a family. Watch Justin’s videos one at a time and I recommend his music theory as well. Take care

Jeff from California USA

Gute Nacht Raphael und herzlich wilkommen! Great to have you here and I am sure you will enjoy the Community over here no doubt, especially when you engage with others :smile: I remember Guitar Hero - I was also was dreaming of playing songs like One, Still Loving you or Even Flow on real guitar but struggled with playing those even on a fake one :joy: one thing good out of GH is sense of rhythm you gained and learnt even subconsciously and with Justin everything will get explained in more detail and you will connect the dots quite quickly :wink:

Hi Raphael, welcome to the Justin Guitar community. I just joined as well and slready got some great feedback. My journey is comparable with yours. Hope you have lots of fun playing guitar and learning!

Hello and welcome Raphael. :slight_smile:

Yes! Do the open mic. Just get the first one out of the way and then you can enjoy them after that. :smiley:

Guten Tag!
Ich wünsche dich vielen Gluck…or something like that…German is my 4th language :smiley:

Great story, good to hear you are in for the REAL work now!

Welcome to the Community, Raphael. Loved the story and look forward to following your progress.

Thank you for all the kind words and so many multilingual people here :smile:

@tony @liaty @SDKissFan Thanks for the warm welcome and the encouragement and the gentle nudge towards the open mic night.

@adi_mrok Yes, despite the title I was still far away from the hero part in the game as well. :smile:
Thanks for the welcome and the not so gentle nudge towards the open mic night.
Guess I have choice, huh?

@Erick90210 Ah, that is so cool to hear. I hope you have fun too, let’s give it our best shot at this guitar thing.

@SgtColon Alright, alright I cave. Open mic night it is then. You guys have no idea what you are signing up for. And thanks for the welcome. :grinning:

@LievenDV Well, vielen Dank. The fact that you have a 4th language alone is quite impressive. What are the other two? Thanks and yes, it feel much better to be a guitar zero at the real deal. :grinning:

@DavidP Thanks David, I have an unfair advantage here. Having watched all the Open mic nights, I have already seen you in action plenty of times. You are doing a wonderful job. Thank you for the welcome, as well.

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Na das ging aber schnell, Herr Maus :laughing:
Welcome aboard!
Looking forward to hearing you play already.
What part of Deutschland are you from?

Aah, it’s the man with the crazy hair. I loved that performance, so good. :smile:
And he’s fluent in German as well. I’m from deep west, North rhine Westphalia to be exact. Living in the heart of the ‘Ruhrgebiet’.
Sometimes in life, we harbour wishes we later regret, looking forward to hear me play may be one of those.
Hoping to see one of your performances soon ( or another story time, they are great too ).

Thanks Raphael, kind of you to say so and much appreciated.