Halsey - Darling (Cover)

Hello! Some of you may remember me. Let’s see if I remember how to do this…

This is my cover of Darling by Halsey. I did one take and I didn’t really like my guitar playing on it. So I went back and rerecorded it, but then I kept blanking on lyrics and stuff. So I just went with the first one.


Hey Joe, long time no see-
Welcome back! :smiley:
If memory serves me correctly, it’s maybe not as polished a recording as some of your previous ones, but still hugely ambitious and an excellent re-entry.
Have you been playing/practicing all along or did you take a break from the guitar?
Hope life’s been treating you well and look forward to hearing more from you :sunglasses:

Hey Joe, last post 2 years, times flew past, it doesn’t feel that long ago you posted playing over the rainbow. Is that a new guitar you have? I seem to recall you mainly playing on a J45? That was well played and sung. Good to have you back.

Been dabbling not really practicing. I don’t think I’ve really improved.

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I’ve had this guitar longer than the J45. I use it when I need a cutaway or keep it in an alternate tuning like this song is.

Hi Joe,
I definitely remember you, your guitar playing is wonderful to watch and listen to, :sunglasses: :clap:

Hey Joe where you been. Good to see you back, man don’t seem like 2 years, time flies.
Been doing some fingerstyle recently, so this was a pleasure to watch and listen. All good to me.

Don’t be a stranger.


Thank you, Roger!

This one was definitely a challenge to play and sing at the same time!