Hamburger Password and Username Updates pointing to Dev server

I am raising this as a new issue as from what I can see it has not been documented before.
Many of us had a few issues changing profile data but I think we were all going in via the Preference section that comes after the “little man” “head and shoulders” doofer when you click your avatar. If that has a tech name can someone tell me or I’ll just call it Shampoo !

Anyway, the problem lies with the Update Profile and Update Password in the McDonalds menu, sorry Hamburger menu (can we have strike through back please) they are being redirected to the Dev server (thank Dog for auto draft save!!)

See screen shot

Profile chucks a 404 and Password throws up the demo login on dev we used for beta.

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Toby @TheMadman_tobyjenner
are you still loging in using the link sent to the dirty bakers
You should be logging into the website the click on the community
button in play ground.
The https should say community.justinguitar
Yours in the picture says


The url when I am active on the forum is the live one. When I tested the links from the hamburger it redirected to dev hence the flag. Once I got back to the Community it was the live url. All good my end.

I also see the “dev” link; I wasn’t part of the beta. It just shows up under the hamburger menu, from what I can tell. “Update Profile” (and Password) goes to:
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When I click the head and shoulders dude in my avatar
I get a big orange button the says Edit My Information
It also says Edit your password, avatar and username in
your justinguitar dashboard.
Both take me to my dashboard on the main site.

Yea, that one seems ok; it’s the hamburger one that does it.

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The mods should take those two links out of the hamburger menu
that’s seem to be what’s causing all the problems.

Thanks for reporting this, I’ll check with the developer!