Hand anatomy and playing issues including Arthritis

The more knowledge you have of what’s under the skin, the better choices you can make regarding how to use and protect your hands. A lot about arthritis and anatomy. Tim Lerch and Dr. Geoff Yule - A wide ranging conversation about Guitarists and Hand Health - YouTube


As a 71 year old fart this was really good. Thanks

Thank you for posting this link. It won’t cure me, but gives me hope when my finger style picking thumb gets too onerous there may yet be more light at the end of the (not) carpal tunnel.

I assume my situation is osteo arthritis in the right hand picking thumb. I did note with interest at about the 40m mark some talk of the tendon control and issues that could surface there. I think not for me as it’s ache / fatigue, related also to grip, and not a repetitive specific motion that triggers.

When I chop wood (grip tools) or pinch squeeze it surfaces so the bone next to the trapezium mentioned could be a player.

Anyhow, if all else fails I can go back to using a pick (echk).

Lastly, my broken left hand index finger (chopping wood) is coming along nicely and I kept playing the whole time to stay sane and I think it helped a lot to “stretch” my approach.

Glad it was useful. What I found most illuminating is that fingers have no muscle, just tendon. I have to spend some time looking at anatomy info to figure out what is doing what when you use your hand/fingers. Visualization goes a long way in making changes.

Thanks for posting this link. My dad plays guitar and has arthritis; this may be helpful for him.