Hand speed just reset? Can't play at the same bpm after a break

So, heres some backstory. Earlier today I was practicing my picking with a metronome, currently Im at 80bpm. I was playing it with a few mistakes, but overall I was keeping up good. But, something came up and I had to leave my practicing for a few hours. Now, I literally JUST got back, and my hands cant keep up with it anymore? It feels like im a newbie all over again. Ive been working on picking at 80BPM for quite a while now, but my hands feel like they just reset. Why did this happen?

Maybe your hands just need something different to do. Play some songs, relax, try again tomorrow and everything should be alright.


What were you practicing exactly? A scale pattern or a particular melody? Either way, slow down if you get sloppy and then accelerate back gradually, and you’ll be fine.

You should also take time to rest as well in order to let newly learned skills sink in.

Try do do a warm up again to zero in.

Maybe just tight muscles. Rest, stretch and keep on keeping on.

Me, I am just always slow.

Momin, sometimes a short break brings about an inexplicable ability to play a bit faster, somethime the opposite as you have experienced.
One thing though …

If you’re at 80bpm but making mistakes then your practice is already set at too high a tempo. Metronome use should be all about setting it at the tempo where mistakes are not happening.
Yes, of course, in the beginning of learning and practicing something you will fumble, it is natural.
But if mistakes are a part of your regular practice at 80bpm you need to slow down.
Learn things slowly, learn them correctly, train your fingers to do it right. From there, speed will take care of itself.


Solid advice. Practice makes permanent. Use the reset to start afresh building up slowly and accurately.