Handle with Care - work in progress

Strumming is improving but still see pausing, some ugly chord changes, I watch it muted so I can see what my strumming looks like.
Comments welcome


That seemed OK.
You did hesitate a bit on some chord changes, but the main thing is to keep the strumming going.

It’s coming along nicely. I just started strumming myself and there’s obviously more to it than I thought. At this point it’s keeping the strumming rhythm going while trying to think about the chord. Maybe easy to do at age 10, but age 69? Not so much.

Nice work Jason.

In the main a good steady rhythm :+1:

I find I can only work on one thing at once, so sometimes just keep the strumming hand going and to hell with the bum notes.

The chord change exercises are good for cleaning up the chord shapes - both one minute and perfect ones.

Definetely on the right track! It seems to me that you’ve got good hands for playing the guitar, big chords with all of the fingers busy.
Plus I’ve noticed your percusive strums, the dynamics accentuating key down strums… And you kept it going reasonably fluent throughout the whole song.
Solid work :ok_hand:

Hey Jason, can definitely see your progress. Coming along nicely.

I play this song too… and know the recording pretty well, I swear my dad played travelling wilburies on repeat when I was a kid.

I reckon with a couple of tweaks you could turn this one good.

Like @liaty said, keep strumming and to hell with the bum notes. To go with that, change chords sooner, so you hit the timing. There are some pushed changes in this song (which you’re getting for the most part actually), but most of the changes are on the first of the bar, which you’re often getting late. The late changes are upsetting the rhythm a bit.

Are you playing with the app? Or backing track? I reckon ditch it, slow it down a bit, and try to nail the changes.

Definitely improving a lot Jason. Really positive that you have identified the little things to be worked on. You are getting close so keep up the good work!

I think I fixed the verse. It’s at @12 min. on my practice video. Feedback appreciated, it always helps. Bukovinsky learning log - #46 by JasonBuk thanks.

Thanks for watching. I always get great feedback
@jkahn you were so right I was playing with the app and it was totally messing it up. I also rewatched Justin’s lesson. I don’t know if I ever watched the last section. I’m glade I did It definitely help me fix the linking chords with scale part.

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Great sing choice Jason. The TW’s were a great group. I thought you’d note picking and percussive hitting were good.

Great advice from others, all I can add is and as Frankie used to say, relax.