Hands feel really stiff - any exercises to help?

I am new to this world. In general my hands feel really stiff and really unnatural with the sample he discussed in the video. Are there hand stretching exercises to help with that? Or am I just being overly concerned?

My left hand gets quite stiff sometimes after playing a lot. It is because I am old, slow, broken and this is a big workout for the hand and my mild arthritis.

Justin has videos with exercises on the guitar to help build flexibility and strength. Search his site as well.

There are loads of videos on hand stretching. Here is just one:

Be sure to take care of yourself so you can play for years to come!

I think stiffness is just part of the process. If you do a hard workout, you wake up the next morning feeling stiff and sore. Same with your hands if you play a lot of guitar, especially in the early days as you’re building strength and endurance. As time goes on your hands will get “guitar fit”, and you’ll be able to do more before getting tired and stiff.

I practiced guitar while watching the entire BTCC live coverage on Sunday… six hours. Had to take Monday off because yes, my left hand was pretty stiff and sore. :slight_smile:

I blame the F cord.

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Which video?

It was the D Chord example in “How to Read Chord Boxes” video. I am working on stretching exercises to get my hands in better shape. It’s already getting better.

Thank you. That is what I am working on. I appreciate the information. It’s easy to tell that its just new muscles and movements for me as a beginner. Thanks, again.

Glad to hear it!

FYI, here’s a non-Justin exercise that has also helped several of us here…