Handy little gadget maybe

Came across this little gadget on youtube,

Not arrived yet but looks helpful. Maybe useful for others.

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Oh, nice one. Have been looking for similar. Got a marked up circle of fifths for now…

Gimicks like that have been on the market for 50 years. There is a lot more to the cycle of 5th than just the chords in a key. If you need something that help you learn the chords in a key download a circle of 5th that shows the minor and dim chords for free and print it out.

We must have watched the same video. love the gadget and learned some minor things that hadn’t stuck before. Sean is certainly an interesting persona.

I’ve ordered the plastic version with the stand and look forward to getting it. Have used the paper versions and they haven’t stuck. We’ll see how this one goes.

I would also go for a self created paper version, since this version makes it harder to “borrow” chords from the parts not shown. :smiley:

Well for the cynics I did say maybe in the title. I do note those who rubbish it probably aren’t learning as they already know it all :joy:

Nonetheless it’s an option for those trying to learn who aren’t skinflints :rofl: