Happy Birthday Finger Style

For your first dive into finger style, we’re going to be learning the Happy Birthday song - a classic unlike any other!

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My birthday is in 2 weeks. This song will be fun to play !

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This is a lot more challenging then it appears. Plucking 2 stings while fretting and changing strings and frets in each bar of music. I think that memorizing each bar then moving on to the next is best to get this down.

I agree. I need to go back to this. I eventually learned the patterns, but then I started the metronome. Boo boy! That was hard.
But it would be a good exercise in timing to put it all together with the metronome as well.

I learned the basic melody first, then added in the bass notes…much easier for me.

I suppose I’m in the minority but tablature really confuses me. I’d be able to get this down eventually but it would be easier for me with the actual music notation.

Hello @APaul39 welcome to the Community.
If you can read notation but not tab you may have thoughts on the recent video Justin posted here.

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Awesome! Thank you so much!

This one was so much harder than I expected - lots of repetition required for me - nearly there now

How do I open the GuitarPro in the downloads tab? I can’t find a program to open it and when it does, it is completely blank.

You need the GuitarPro program to read GP files.

OK, thank you…I sort of figured that.

Think I see an error in the tab posted on the website: the final chord needs a 1 ( not 0) on the B string.

I found this little song fun to learn and accomplish! At times I struggle to follow long when he says chords and string #’s which I’m sure some day (hopefully soon!) it won’t be such a challenge but if there is a way the notes on the tab chart can be highlighted as he plays them, it would make it much easier to follow along! Thanks!!

@Mick Thanks for taking the time to report what you see as an error.
We always appreciate alerts to improve the site.
That said, I see this in both pdf and GP files in the final bar:
Which is correct as you describe.
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@Richard_close2u I think Mick is referring to the tab shown on the lesson description page?

@Socio @Mick

Thanks for the extra clarification @socio and yes, you’re correct - as is @Mick

I have now reported this error and it will be added to the to-do list of site corrections. Thanks for the alert.
Hope that helps.
Cheers :smiley:
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omg i been playing bass for many years but im new to guitar, i found tommy the cat on bass by primus easier to learn than this damn thing.

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Can someone please explain why the 3rd note in the fith bar is noted as a G or G7 when the notes are D and F ?

That sounds like a handy way to do it. :thinking: