Happy NGD to Me (Redux)

Sweet! Super nice!

Yeahh ! Congratulation ! :partying_face: :partying_face:

I have a Taylor 114e. In addition to having the action lowered, I switched to 10s. Glad I did.

Hello Victor,
HAPPY NGD :bouquet: :sunflower: :hatching_chick: :partying_face: :guitar: :saxophone: :microphone: :drum:

Enjoy your new baby. :slight_smile:

Happy NGD Victor. Your new guitar looks great. Look forward to seeing you play it. Enjoy.

Congrats Victor, enjoy. :sunglasses:

Looks fabulous, Victor, happy music-making!

Really nice one you got yourself happy NGD!

Looks great Victor… congratulations :+1:

Happy NGD, Victor, as well as belated thanks.
I believe it was your thread on acoustic pickups that prodded me into buying soundhole pickup for my own acoustic.
Hope you enjoy your new instrument. Looks like a beaut. :smiley:

Looks very beautiful!

That bevel cut on the top really adds to the comfort. As a good friend and avid guitar enthusiast told me when I picked up my Academy 10, ‘You can’t go wrong with a Taylor’. Enjoy!

Congrats on your new guitar and thank you for sharing your journey to finding it!

I’m definitely in the market for an acoustic in the next year or so. Similar to you, I am interested in a smaller body acoustic. I’m also willing to take the time to test out some different models and find a guitar I can fall in love with and have for a long time. I will definitely add that 12e to my list of models to check out!

Enjoy your new guitar!

So, the latest update. I brought the Taylor Academy 12e home yesterday. I played it a bit and then tossed and turned all night, second guessing my decision. I was really wanting a smaller guitar to travel with, to play on the couch, etc. This morning, I went back to Great Southern Music, where I bought the guitar. I told him I was having second thoughts. The Martin 000CJR-10E was what I had wanted all along. So, the swap was made and the Martin has a new home. Lots of fun to play and it’s making me happy. I think I’ll sleep better tonight.


Happy 2nd NGD. Hope this one fits you better Victor. It’s a lovely looking guitar too.

Thanks. Very happy with it. Currently researching lighter strings. Maybe some silk and steel 10s.

Just so happens there is a thread going on right now about this!

There are probably a few older threads too, always a good topic with no right or wrong answers.

This quote would be the key and what is probably most important.


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It’s one way to keep the new guitar buzz going. :smiley:

Happy NGD Victor. It looks lovely.