Happy Rock N Roll Easter (Rock n' Roll All Nite by Kiss)

It’s a well known fact : Easter bunnies love rock and roll ! :slight_smile:


Have a rockin' easter with this guitar cover of the iconic song Rock And Roll All Nite by Kiss !


Hey Mathieu - nicely played. Gave me a smile this morning, and you too by the looks of it. Seemed like you were really enjoying that!

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Very good rocking rhythm. All the easter bunnies hereby are getting down with it!


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Hello Mathieu, thanks a lot for this powerful and joyful performance :hugs:. It was great fun, watching and listening to it :star_struck:.
And - I love the rockin’ bunny :grin:.
Thanks a lot for sharing your recording :+1:.

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Mathieu…youtube doesn’t allow me to access the video :sob:

Now…I tried again and it worked! Woooow…you rock! :guitar::guitar::guitar: Love it, it shines through you’re having so much fun with it! Bravo :clap::clap::clap::clap: and :love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture:

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Ah great stuff Matt! I didn’t see any headphones, so I’m guessing your neighbours enjoyed it too!

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Hi Mathieu,
Me loving some rock n`roll in the morning :smiley: :sunglasses:
Nice playing nice smiling …thanks :clap: :sunglasses: :clap:

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Great job on this awesome song

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I really enjoyed that Mathieu. You did a great job with the cover and you looked to be really enjoying it too. :metal:

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Hi Mathieu!
Great performance, I had a lot of enjoy!
And thank you for the positive Easter mood that has been passed on to me.
I’m going to have a great time the rest of Saturday now :grinning:

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Nice performance Mathieu! :smiley: :guitar:

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@mathsjunky @beejay56 @NicoleKKB @SILVIA @twistor59 @roger_holland @Jwaters @SgtColon @crocodile1 @Inge_guitar29

Wow ! That’s such a great surprise. I’m coming back home today and I am welcomed with all those supportive and positive thoughts from you.

A thousand thanks to Paul, Brian, Nicole, Silvia, Phil, Rogier, Jeff, Stefan, Leonid and Inge for taking the time to post here :slight_smile:

I hope that you all had a wonderful Easter.

:rabbit: :rabbit2: :rabbit:


I really liked that! Beautiful guitar too.

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@ToshS Thanks Tosh :slight_smile: It’s a PRS SE McCarty 594 - PRS’s take on a Les Paul. I chose the double cut version, but there is also a single cut one.

A nice toy to try on your next visit to the guitar store :grin: Just for curiosity :grin: :grin: