Happy St. Patrick's Day 🍀



Love this pianist.

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Not Irish but it does have a drum solo.


:laughing: :rofl: :joy:

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I love this creativity :star_struck:.
And, of course, the pianist was absolutely awesome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

That was truly beautiful

They were all great. I hope everyone had a nice St. Patricks day, who celebrate it.

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Hey Brian! You started such a fun feed! Loved them all. Fascinating. Hope you enjoyed your St. Patrick’s Day!!

Ok, I couldn’t resist posting this. The Clancy Brothers are before your time, they’re before my time (slightly) as well, but I inherited them, in a way. I can remember hearing Finnegan’s Wake as a little guy. I didn’t much like it then, but I love it now.

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Argh… you’ve turned the sod at what might turn out to be a rabbit hole of no return :open_mouth:
This was the song that Joyce based his impenetrable Finnegans Wake on. I may just have to attempt reading it one of these days. Here’s a song from that book by the late Ronnie Drew :smiley:

I have missed this thread :sleepy:, hope if you don’t mind late greetings.


Haha, very good. Green filter and all :smiley:
Your fingerpicking style is very smooth. Cool

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Thanks Brian!

That was very nicely played Radek!!

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A lovely bit of playing there Radek.

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Hi Brian,
Now that Patrick has been a while and this thread has been bumped, I can now hide this here a bit .
This has been in my head since yesterday and makes the news a bit bearable to watch thanks to you :grin:

NO really not sir, I really didn’t put any makeup on my face really…

Thanks Eddie :slight_smile: .

Thank you kindly Stefan :slight_smile:.

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