Happy Sunday everyone!

Just saying hello, how’s everyone doing?

I haven’t played for a little while, I quit the drink and had to change up some routines in order to change some old habits. Eleven weeks now totally sober now though :tada: and I feel amazing!

I want to start playing again, but my nails have grown too long. They’re so nice and healthy for the first time in as long as I can remember, so I’m wrestling with the decision to cut them in order to play. Quite the dilemma. Any ladies relate? :sweat_smile:

Anyway, happy Sunday to you all!!!


Bravo and glad to hear you feel amazing, Heather.

Maybe research how Dolly Parton manages to both have nails and play :grin:

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Open tuning…… Simples, she’s never played anything else as far as I am aware.

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You’ll have to add to that, Darrell, not simple enough for me :joy: Just everything played as a barre chord with just the index finger? If so, not going to help in cranking out Keef’s open G riffs :laughing:

Welcome back Heather and congrats on the sobriety. :sunglasses:

@DavidP Example - Tune to Open G full index barre fret 2 is A wash rinse repeat up the 12th. Joni is another taking that approach but if I recall due to childhood polio.

Oh and play nothing but happy songs and avoid minor chords :rofl:

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I suppose you could tune down the strings tuned to the 3rd of the chord a further semi tone … open G minor? But sus chords and 7ths not happening if just playing the bars.

Basically you tune to something that suits the song, it could be any chord, you can get around there being a minor chord in the mix by tuning to the minor and adding the required note for the major, same thing with 7ths etc sus chords are ok provided you just need a note made sharp again by adding a sharp as required. Gabriella Quevedo is usually using open tuning for simplifying some of her finger style pieces otherwise playing some of them would prove almost impossible.
Oh and another to add to the list was one of the Gibb brothers, watch some of the live videos!

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Hi Heather. Totally relate! I would say the fun and sheer pleasure you get from a guitar is worth the sacrifice. My right hand nails are a nice length, not too long but not short and good for fingerpicking on my acoustic and playing my classical. My left hand nails are short for fretting but not non-existent. I keep little nails on there and I keep them filed and in shape so they look nice and I can play just fine. Nails can be healthy and look nice and be short and then you also get to enjoy the guitar. I always wondered how Dolly Parton did it. :grin:

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