Hard Heads Never Listen! Changed my pick, followed Justin's advice, all good

Yep, and I am one of those hard heads! I have been struggling so much with strumming. I don’t have problems maintaining the pick at an angle, nor with keeping time. The issue, as I discovered today, is that the pick I was using was way too hard and advanced for a beginner. I lost that pick (bought it because it was a beautiful purple), and I had to switch out to a thin/flimsy one that I bought a while back. My strumming sounds 100% better with the thin pick! I discovered that the strumming techniques JG has been teaching have been sticking; I was just not sticking to the advice of the teacher when using a pick I should not have been using. Lesson LEARNED! I will buy another pretty, purple pick when I graduate out of level 1. Haha!


aha nice, easy fix.

You’ll get better and be able to strum with a thicker pick but this just add variety somewhat, its not like a thinner pick is some learner crutch, they’ll still be useful


Funny, but good to learn it earlier than struggling thru the whole grade or worse!

I initially bought a couple packages with various types of picks. I really found that useful to be able to narrow in on what I liked, then later to change once I didn’t need as much flex. Search the forum here. There are a few discussions about pick choice. I figured out what I like and dislike pretty quickly and then I was able to narrow in on a real preference.

Today, I change pick based a lot on what I plan to play. I can strum with a super stiff pick, but really prefer something kind of flexible. If I am picking notes, then I lean more toward stiff picks. Having the variety is nice. Preferences changed for me over time.

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If sounds good, it IS good. . .

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Thank you for the advice, Sequences! I’d like to get to your level, someday. I really liked that purple pick, but it’s good that I lost it!

Thank you!