Harley Benton hb-20mfx?

I’m brand new to the guitar world, and looking for a modeling amp. Have anyone tried the hb-20mfx? Or am I looking for something different for a newbie?

only €99?
That’s worth the try!
Seems like a lot of bang for buck.

personally, I’d go for the 40-mfx, because it hasa 10" instead of 8" speaker.
I just like sound of a bigger speaker :stuck_out_tongue:
it’s only +€20

OD and dis sounds are probably meh but a bit of gently added gain can do a lot on a clean amp
(or throw a cheap tubescreamer copy in front)

Don’t expect wicked reulsts for this amount of money but as practice tool and some clean+reverb sounds etc; it is probably fine!