Harley Benton Traveler

Bought myself a HB Traveler :sunglasses:
What is there to say… The overall build quality is rather poor, sanding, colouring etc. BUT! The neck of the guitar and the fretwork are pretty good, neck is straight right out of the box, but the action is a litlle too high, I’ll have to take care of that.
Playabality is decent, but you’ll need a strap, and there’s only one strapholder. Of course you can tie the other side of the strap to the headstock, the old way, but I’m not a fan of that. Come to think of it, I’m not a fan at all, the fan is blowing in the living room, pretty high temperatures here :sunglasses:
Sound… well, a guitar neck attached to a ukelele body, what can you expect… but still, it sounds rather good, a sweet sound, not very thin as I expected.
Tuners are ok, and it comes with a gigbag (sort of…)
All in all, a good buy for 59 euro (a steal…), one that will escort me when traveling!

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Interesting little hybrid, is it steel strung?
I have the HB GS travel, I think that it’s a great little guitar for what it costs especially when you look at how decent the gigbag is that comes with it!

It is steel strung, yes. I do think they have a nylon version as well, and even a version with a onboard pre amp.

Interesting. I’ll link this post to mine about travel guitar recommendations.
Travel guitar - any recommendations?

Thanks Gordon!