Harvest Moon Cover

This still needs some polish for sure, but I thought I’d post it for some helpful advice.


Immediately recognisable, Greg, sounded smooth and mostly clean, just one or two notes that maybe not quite ringing out on the D shape. I also thought the low notes sounded a little boomy/loud at times. Now maybe that is just due to the recording device. If you notice the same in the room then maybe you need to just strum slightly lighter, get a more gentle feel into the strumming.

You’ll also see I edited your post and changed the YouTube link and where I pasted it. I think this is the preferable way but if you prefer people to have to click and jump into YouTube then remove the spaces to paste the link at the end of the text as you had it.

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Hi Greg,
What a wonderful tune this is. :sunglasses: :clap:… no idea why I haven’t started it yet??? (oh yes there is too much to play :see_no_evil:) … keep it up and with repeated playing it will become ‘natural’ polished ,but I already liked it,

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Hello Greg,
Nice work, I love this song! Strumming and chord changes looked great. The sound may have had a little echo probably from your recording equipment. Well done sir!

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I love that song and so does my wife.
Very good cover Greg! I really enjoyed listening to that.

I play that song too but I play it just a shade slower. I assume you’ve watched the video of NY do the song. I think of that guy with his broom sweeping. The song is setting how he sweeps, the broom just shows the feel of it, and it’s slow and sweeping. I think it’s hard to get that feel but is something that gives this song it’s beauty. A swaying feel if that makes sense.

Have you tried it on electric?
Add some reverb and tremolo, even a bit of delay maybe. The song almost comes alive with sweetness. :wink:

For myself, I wish I could figure a way to get the pedal steel in there.
In lieu of that, after the Em7 chord I like to play 5 harmonics. Playing the sting backwards from high E harmonic, B, G @ 12th fret, then A, D in that order @ 7th fret, then back to the main riff.
The drop D really adds to the song to imho. I like the anchor of that booming D note for the D chord.

That song really is a wonderful song.
So glad you shared that.
Thank You!

Thanks for your comments. I’m using my cell phone in a room with almost nothing in it - No carpet and the only two wall hangings you can see behind me. I don’t know how the link wound up that way. I pasted the link in the subject line and added text below.

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Yes, I came in around 118 bpm and the studio version is at 113 bpm. Any live version I’ve seen is at a slightly slower pace. I’m just using a cell phone and a guitar. I don’t have an electric guitar or any electronics.

Thanks, just a cell phone in a nearly empty room.

One of my favorites!

That just adds natural reverb and ambience to the song.
I like it.

Yep, that’d be the version I’ve been watching.

Its a great song and was instantly recognizable when you started. The odd thing didn’t sound quite right, I couldn’t tell what, but overall it was well played.

Love this tune and you’ve clearly got it under your fingers. . . not much to add to what others have said, I think @HappyCat is spot on about slowing it down a bit and maybe relaxing into that "sweeping feeling ". . . nobody like Neil Young, I’m a big fan of his and appreciate seeing anyone cover any of his stuff. Hope you’re enjoying playing it. . .I’ve still got to get to learn this one
myself. . .

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Greg, it sounds good. It was instantly recognizable and I said to myself that I need to add that to my aspirational song list. I thought at first that you had added too much reverb to your recording, but I can see how a bare room could do that. It would be interesting to hear how it sounded in another room with curtains and a rug or carpet. Regardless, it will sound great with a little extra practice.

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That sounded great Greg.

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Sadly, our new home has no carpeting whatsoever. That’s the way my wife wants it, so that’s the way it is. Maybe I should trade my dreadnoughts for 00s :sweat_smile:

Sounded great Greg and recognizable from the first bar. Not too much to add other than just keep at it and it will really smoothen out. Thanks for sharing!

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Love this song and your version is super. I noticed that your strumming pattern is a bit different than the original. Your version sounds great but if you want to play it more like NY here’s the strumming pattern of the 1st few bars (which are repeated throughout the song):

I think your pattern in the first bar has fewer strokes but it still works.

This tab shows moving from the 10th to the 12th fret on the B string on the third down stroke, which is correct. But it shows staying on the 12th fret, which is not correct. In the studio version, he goes to the 12th fret for one beat and back to the 10th. In some live versions he goes back and forth twice.