Harvest Moon-Revisited

https://youtu.be/XzZVLfmZ3xs?si=BaqSofPv2vud-wdX I posted my original recording of this song about six weeks ago. I’ve tried to incorporate the comments and suggestions from that video here. I really like this song, so I’ll continue trying to improve my ability to play it.


Hi Greg, that was some really fine playing. Such a consistant rhythm, and quite a lot of chord changes up and down the fret board.
Really well done :clap::smiley::+1:!
Next step singing :slightly_smiling_face:?
Thanks a lot for sharing :hugs:.

After several years of playing without a metronome, I’ve recently started practicing with one. I discovered my timing was really off with a lot of things. I found one with drum beats that isn’t nearly as annoying as ones that click or beep.

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Enjoyed your playing. Strumming was good and in time and there was plenty of variation. Singing next?

I doubt it. Certainly not Neil Young! :rofl: