Haunted Horsey Ride - A short original solo guitar piece

Hello All,

I finally got a little home recording setup going. This is a short solo guitar composition I have been playing around with.

I am using a Rode NT1-A with Focusrite Scarlet interface and OBS. Your comments and criticism are appreciated, especially regarding recording technique and dynamics. I hope you enjoy!



Really nice, it was fun to listen. :slight_smile: Strumming mixed with picking is quite challenging and I haven’t seen you looking at your picking hand even once. Nice touch at the end too. :wink:

Lovely guitar too. :slight_smile:

Regarding the criticism. I found sound nice and it sounds like you’re trying to control the dynamics. Don’t know what else to recommend other than to keep practicing to get better because it sounds like you are on the right track.

For anyone who wants to play similar cool things, I recommend lessons How to Link Guitar Chords using Scales | JustinGuitar.com and How to Pick Individual Strings While Strumming | JustinGuitar.com Very fun techniques that sound great.

I think it sounded great. I certainly can’t come up with a criticism.

Hi Dan that was great, really bright and nice sound off your guitar, setup wise I think it couldn’t get much better than this, your play a decent mic and interface did the job! Don’t know the piece but it was really enjoyable to listen to, very western themed if you ask me :wink:

My only comment would be on your changes to E shaped barre chord, seems like rather than shaping the chord in air and putting it whole at once you go sort of first finger and then the rest joins in quickly one after another. My suggestion would be to try to focus on One Minute Changes incorporating the F chord to get it engraved in your brain.

The reason is that you got away quite well with playing just first note on low E string which gave you an extra second to put remaining fingers down and play the full chord, however if you start playing full strumming songs and you change to F you might not make it in time amd get some muted notes. So my suggestion is trying to practice the F chord ideally with some strumming and I am sure you will crack it :wink:

All the best and well done again!

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That was great Dan. Super clean strumming and picking. Your dynamic was first class in my opinion. I’m not knowledgeable about mic/interface technology but it sounded perfect to me. Well done.

Hi Dan,
That was great :smiley:
Close my eyes and I could definitely picture the Man with No Name being dragged across the plains in a travois…
Maybe some lush strings in the background and a distant trumpet as the icing on the cake? :rofl: :rofl:

Hi Dan,

That sounded very relaxing… :sunglasses:

Hey Dan, that was superb! The strumming mixed with picking sounded great. The dynamics sounded really good to me. Well done.

Wow… thank you all!

@kamkor Interesting observation on where I am looking. For this style of playing I have found that automating the picking hand as much as possible is essential. Thanks also for the lesson links. I am not sure if I’ve seen these.

@adi_mrok This is my own composition. Just something I have been playing around with, inspired by my obsession with a boom-chick-a strumming pattern. I totally hear you on the F barre chord. It’s not super clean either. I do need to keep working on it.

@sairfingers @Socio Thanks so much for your compliments on the dynamics. This is something that I have been very concerned with lately as I think with a solo acoustic guitar it really shapes the song.

@brianlarsen Wow, thank you so much for the thoughtful compliment! I ADORE Ennio Morricone. I really like the thought of arranging some strings and a trumpet in there too. I kept thinking
maybe there could be vocals but I like your idea so much better.

@TheCluelessLuthier @roger_holland Thanks for listening and I hope to hear some of your playing as well.


Loved the western, sound-track feel to your composition, Dan, and you did ever so well on the blending of picked note walks between chords and the strumming. Quality of recording was also just right.

Nothing else to say than bring more on!

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Nice open chord movement. Welcome change from the norm, adding bass note runs, chord glue and transitional notes. Well done!

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A great job Dan. Loved the picking and strumming together and the guitar sounds really nice.

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