Have the option to add more than one notes while practising

At the moment, while doing a practice routine I have created, I have the option “ADD NOTE” on the right of the “Play button” for each item of the routine. However, I can only add one “NOTE” per item while practising. After I have added one “NOTE”, the option “ADD NOTE” is not there anymore. For me, it would be better to have the option to add more than one different “NOTES”.

I handle this by simply clicking the pencil symbol on the right and editing the note, adding the additional content to it.


Thank you for this feature request, @Ivoilo. I too have often wished I could do this! Sometimes I vary how I practice an item. It’s very difficult to track by editing a single note. I’d also like each note to have a timestamp, but others may disagree. It’s not a big deal to enter the date myself. :smiley: