Have You Ever Seen the Rain by CCR

FIrst time posting here! I started guitar in 2008 and practiced for 2 years. THen didn’t pick it back up until 3 months ago and REALLY loving it. Really love this CCR song. Have You Ever Seen the Rain - Accoustic - YouTube


Really nice playing Brian. Seems like you didn’t lose much of your technique in all those years away from playing!

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Thank you for the kind words!

Hi Brian, great stuff. I can really hear, that you love playing this song. And as your example shows, with playing guitar, it seems to be like riding a bike - you can‘t unlearn it :grinning:. Very nice strumming :clap:.

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Aww thanks for the kind words! Motivation to keep at it!

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Still got it…never lost it :slight_smile:

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That was great Brian. Loving the percussive hits. Sounds like you’ve not lost your groove after the long break.

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Good stuff in learning over them 2 years and you still have it. A little rust perhaps on some of your runs and timing with them tossed in there. Nothing a bit more practice won’t straighten out! Overall I enjoyed your play and stick with it! You only have 1000 or so lessons to go through! :slight_smile:

All the best,

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Thank you!

Thanks! Yes some rust for sure and I noticed that on the runs too. One day at a time!

Welcome to the Community, Brian, that is the way to make an entrance! You’ve got the vibe and groove of this classic down, sounded great.

I noticed the comment about the video orientation in the YT description. Assuming you made the video with a phone you need to look through the camera settings, either general or for video, and you’ll probably find a flip or mirror option, which you can then toggle to sort that out.

Look forward to your next!

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Great job!

Sounds really great for 3 months of recent experience. It is ironic that a friend asked me if I could play this song the other day and I played it a little bit for him on a whim. Fun song!