Having trouble with barre chords...again

Must be me not my new guitar right?


Fascinating guitar. More details please.

Never had my hands on one of those, I can see Barre chords would require thinking. nice looking instrument.

Open chords FTW!!!

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No problem for Justin as he has an extra finger


:joy: Thats cheating!

It’s not mine just a meme.

The guitar is a Richard Henshall NX8

Maybe the guy who plays it has the hands of a Gorilla :joy: Alternatively the bottom two strings could be used as drone strings (tuned to suit) and sometimes with a partial capo! There’s a couple of :bulb: :bulb: :bulb: :joy::joy::joy:

Thanks, checking it out now


I think a gorilla may be right!
The nut width is virtually 46mm so what it is further up the neck is anyone’s guess!

Isn’t it just a guitar with two extra bass strings?

Yah, no full, across the fretboard barres on the “dusty end” to quote a teacher we know well.

However, the nut is 49mm, less than a classical guitar and string spacing at the saddle is also less than a classical. Similar to a crossover acoustic.

I would assume that most cords and barres would only involve the higher six strings. So may not be tough at all.

It is probably fantastic for lead soloing and fingerpicking! My concern would be cramming 8 strings into a 49 mm nut. Might be tight up there.

It is tight and it forces you to use your fingertips if you go down that end. I’ve had my hands on a 7 string multi scale guitar recently and found it tight up the pointy end however in the middle to higher end of the neck it’s quite good except that you have to get used to the frets being at a slight angle.
What you have to remember is that these guitars are predominantly used for heavier music so full barré chords are unheard of! It’s mostly power chords or soloing.