HB112 Monitor

Mmmm I think I may have misjudged the size of this Harley Benton 112 monitor! Still I’m sure the wife won’t notice it hidden in the corner :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just rotate it through 90 deg and place on a friendly dog-enticing mat. Then just make sure your dog is always resting on that whenere the wife is approaching :laughing:

Jokes aside, looks good Jason. Assume this is now part of the gear to be carried to a gig to ensure you hear yourself back clearly.

Now will the wife also notice the band’s archetypal Ford Transit Van parked in the drive :joy:

Ahhh yes a good idea David!

You are correct we’re just about fed up of having crap monitors when we play somewhere and Simon has been carting his bass amp around lately so I was looking for something. To be honest I’d have been happy with the Headrush 108 but it’s nearly £300 and this was £190 B stock (which basically is just a return). I can imagine - given the size - it wont suit many at home (It is physically bigger than my Katana) but I’m going to see how it works out at practice this week and the gig on Saturday…if it doesn’t sound great or not manageable it’ll be going back.

Now you joke about the van…but we now have a Band Van following a rather unfortunate incident where my car got stuck on a hill at Lisa’s when I went to collect her drums. Damaged my car - a bit - so Lisa now has Band Van WHICH doubles up as a Dog Van.

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Just put the gig bag in front of it and no one will notice ! :rofl:
Nice bit of kit Jason.

With the band van and all the portable gear, you’ll be telling us next you have a roadie !
Next it will be a flatbed wagon and bagpipes !!

Have a great gig on Saturday, all the best !


It looks great. When I do things like that I don’t tell the wife. I just wait and see how long it is before she notices. It’s kind of like a game, my game. Then I get to say, “Oh, it’s been there forever.”

My strategy is similar! She has though already spotted the huge box in the garage :grinning:.

Monitor? What monitor?

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Blimey that is some serious piece of kit! You guys definitely are growing as a band, would love to hear an update some time soon!