Headphone for guitar?

OK I did some google search but it seems I have to ask here just in case somebody have same experience.
I got myself a few VOX AP2AC amPlug 2
I love it . I know it is all for practice and many might now care but I do. The sound coming into my ear is still important and the headphone nees to be comfortable enough so I can practice for a long time.

I have Sony monitoring headphone MDR 7506 but I do not like the sound coming in and it has a long cable
I have my iPhone and android phone default earphones and tried a few cheaper ones but I hate them all.

Any body can recommend me a headphone that does not break the bank and I can use it for my guitar , electric guitar connect it to this little cute amplug 2

detachable cable headphone . Can I get a good headphone for this purpose around 50 us dollars or so?

The trouble is you haven’t really explained what it is about the sound you’re getting from your current headphones that you hate. We probably all have headsets we like but perhaps they wouldn’t have a sound you like either.

For example, I use a set of OneOdio studio monitor headphones which cost me all of £25… presumably a lot cheaper than your Sonys. They fold up to a nice size, come with a bag, have a detachable cable so I can vary the length to whatever I need, are padded and comfortable so I can use them for hours on end, and I’m perfectly happy with the sound quality… for both guitar and general use. So in my view, yes there are budget headsets which are excellent for the purpose you describe.

But whether you would be as happy with them is a different matter…

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Yes I have heard about those phones and I read some feedback , there were mixed comments some did not like it some did but I know unless have to spend a lot of money I won’t get what I want so I am going to get these

Do y ou mean this?

I use Yamaha HTH-MT7 headphones. Very comfortable. They are designed to have a flat response, which is what I assume you want for guitar practice.

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If it’s mostly for an amplug, don’t go too wild.
it’s a great tool but no super pro audio quality either.

I went to my local music store and tried several different headphones

Ended up buying AKG K92 model. Most comfortable by far, and sound good.

Might be slightly above your price range, however. And I’m not a fan of the gold color scheme…but I’ll worry about that when my YouTube videos go platinum :wink:

Thanks , the cable is 3 meters long . too long . is it possible that I change the cable to a shorter one or it is not detachable at all? I hate long cables . I hate cables I hate them :slight_smile:

Try the Sennheiser HD100. They are relatively inexpensive, light weight, and the cable is fairly short (I believe 1.4m).

Note that these are on-ear headphones.

I haven’t used these myself, but I have used a previous model, the PX 100 (now discontinued) and they were pretty good.



Thanks 1 meter is OK but unfortunately, HD 100 is not available anymore. Could not find it in local internet site either. HD 300 was available but the cable is 3 meter long :slight_smile:

Same brand, but I have a different model. The earphones are more oval than round. Everything else looks similar though… removable cable, dual listening, etc. Here’s the ones I have… though the UK price has gone up somewhat (surprise) since I bought them:

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OK thanks I ordered this same :slight_smile:

No, K92 cable is not detachable. I suppose you could coil up the excess and secure it with a wire tie, but that’s not going to be as nice as a shorter cable.

One other thing - you said comfort is important to you for long practice sessions.

Most of the headphones I tried had oval ear cups, but I found those that had round cups to be noticeably more comfortable. That might be just my ear and head shape, but its something to keep in mind.

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Fingers crossed that you like them. :slight_smile: :crossed_fingers:t2:

Yeah, it’s down to ear shape. It’s the opposite for me. I find round cups quite uncomfortable, with ovals sitting perfectly.


OK , this is what I did. I bought both of them because I need to let my silent guitar have one always on it too.

Yes in my case with my ear shape I find the Round cups to be much more comfortable than the oval one. The sound of the headphones are acceptable. Both are OK but I can see my silent guitar likes the Red headphone better and the sound is nicer on silent guitar . For electric guitar I use the round cups head phone. Thanks guys for your recommendations :slight_smile:

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