Headphone repairs

Are headphones something that can be repaired?

I’ve these vintage Pioneer SE-30A ones that that are really comfortable but the wire has developed a loose connection making the sound sometimes cut in and out or only work in one ear. I use them daily with my headphone amp so keen to get it sorted as my other Beats headphones are nowhere near as comfortable and leak a lot of sound.

I’m UK based and would appreciate recommendations on a reputable company.

A lot of the online services have poor reviews with stories of kit being gone for months and poor communication over final cost.

Any ideas?

Do you know where the loose connection is? If it’s where the cable meets the plug then it should be a very simple fix (assuming you are ok with someone cutting off the old plug and soldering on a new one). That should be a very easy and quick fix for anyone handy with a soldering iron. If the lose connection is at the headphone end then it’s probably still fixable, but might be more involved. I’m no expert, but I put enough holes in my bedroom carpet when I was a kid to be confident enough at the changing the plug.


I agree, it probably is an easy fix by itself, yet one that is hard to find anyone to do.

It helps if you are at all handy with a soldering iron. Or perhaps you know a local friend who is? Maybe a UK based member of this community who is comfortable soldering guitar pots and switches. It would be no stretch all for them. I would offer, but I live across the pond and further.

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@mathsjunky @jamolay This is helpful - it’s looking like it maybe easier to resolve than I first thought. Luckily it’s not the headphone end of the cable causing problems. Instead of online services that need the headphones to be posted off, I’ve now contacted a local shop that does TV repairs who’ve offered to have a look. This is a good result - thank you!


Looks like you have an extension cord there and it has a cracked strain relief. Make sure the problem is in the headphone cord. You can find the broken place by holding everything still and wiggling just one short area, usually the joins where cord meets connector.

I would consider this a very trivial repair. Don’t let them charge you more than about 30 min labor and the cord plug or jack would be only a few dollars. Make sure they got left and right sides correct.

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@sequences There is an extension cord but the loose wire seems to be at the end of the original cable where there is a ball and socket at the end of the cable relief?

Good point, to double check that the left and right are correct as it’s not an audio specialist place. They’ve been given a tentative quote of £15 which seems fair.