Heavy rock?

I’ve worked may way through grade 4 and noticed that the following grades have a decidedly blues flavor. Unfortunately blues just don’t motivate me. Has Justin ever considered a mini course geared toward heavy rock players. I know there is a “Rock Techniques” course but I’m looking for more.

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It’s an old course but still relevant https://www.justinguitar.com/modules/rock-techniques

There’s a playlist with 12 videos but there’s also one that says “coming soon” is he going to update the same videos? Or maybe new content?

Justin is redoing the whole web site with new content but it takes time to redo/create new lesson.

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“Heavy rock” can be something of a subjective term to different age groups, et cetera, and covers a lot of ground. What bands, songs, or guitar players are good examples of what you have in mind?

I agree with Jason. Remember that 80s Sci-Fi cartoon movie Heavy Metal? By modern standards the soundtrack isn’t even Hard Rock let alone “heavy metal”…
things change as the years pass us by…

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writing that one down for a future songwriting effort!!!



My suggestion is. Especially if your in Grade 4, you have obviously already decided a direction to go. If Justin can’t help, then I would think it would only be normal to find some 1 on 1 lessons with another instructor, or another instructor that is teaching that genre. Even Justin would suggest this. Or get some 1 on 1 with him if he is into that.

However be careful who you pick as you don’t want to be taught something that is not a proper technique(although some people make it work unconventionally) these are the minority. Stick with solid foundations and majority. Remember, rhythm is King!!

I firmly believe, 1 on 1 lessons and the online course is your best option.

Rock on!

The whole what, now? We-website? Oh my. Justin is ambitious.

Maybe 80s. I like the sounds of Def Lepard, EVH and Warrant.

Good advice. Thanks. What do mean by rhythm is King?

The rhythm of your song, whichever it may be should be one of the most important things. Them tempo if you wish. Your groove, your on the beat strums, or whichever strumming pattern you are using. Even if you mess up chords or something keep that rhythm and people may not even notice. :v:

Rock on!

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