Hello (again), from Los Angeles, I'm Joe

Hi everyone!

My name is Joe. I was somewhat active on the old forums wayyyyyyy back when. Probably like 2007-2009. I’ve had a few private lessons in-person with Justin when he was visiting New York City.

I’ve played guitar on and off over the years. When I was active here, I had a Fender American Strat with Lindy Fralin Blues Special Pickups. Played through a tube screamer and a Blues Jr. Amp. And I had a Martin Acoustic (DC-16RGTE).

Right around 2013-2014, I wasn’t playing at all and I moved. So I sold all my guitars! I just kept a crappy beater acoustic.

But then around 2017, I started taking singing lessons. (I was acting on stage and being able to carry a tune came in handy.) Lo and behold, my interest in guitar started coming back. Because I was picking up the beater to practice singing with. After a while that guitar wasn’t cutting it. So I bought a new Martin DCPA4. Started taking guitar lessons again. This time learning more about theory, reading music… basically diving into all the stuff that I avoided when I started out. lol. I’m no expert by any means, but definitely have a better understanding of music in general than I ever have.

These days, I’m mostly playing acoustic guitar. I added a Gibson J45 to the collection. I’m living in LA now and taking guitar and voice lessons again.

My goal is to build up the repertoire of songs I can sing and play. Also want to expand my knowledge of music theory and be able to play some harder songs.

Want to post more here just to be accountable. So expect to see more from me!


I’m excited you’ve joined us Joe and thrilled to read that you’re drinking deep of the cup of all things musical. What an interesting history you have with Justin and JustinGuitar.

If you’ve browsed the website you’ll see that Justin has developed a heap of excellent courses. I’m sure there will be something to suit your goals. Richard has also contributed some mind expanding theory in this community. It’s well worth diving into. I can’t find it right now.

What sort of repertoire are you hoping to build?

Welcome to the Community, Joe. Enjoyed reading your backstory and sure that music being back in your life is a source of joy. Wish you well in pursuit of your goals and hope to hear some recordings of you playing and singing here #all-about-your-music:audio-video-of-you-playing, can’t think of a better to engage in that “accountability” you mentioned :wink:

Hello Joe and welcome to the new community. Quite a number of folk here have had on-off times with their guitars.
From NY to LA?
Be good to hear some playing and singing.

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Welcome Joe and hope you enjoy the Community! Definitely quite a big change comparing to JG forum you used years back :grinning: see you around.

Yes, definitely going to look around the products. See what would be good for me. I bought a lot of Justin’s stuff when I was here all those years ago.

Want to learn lots of pop, rock, country, bluegrass, even some more classical type stuff. Anything that sounds good to me!


Thank you, David. I might try to record and post later today.

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Actually went from NY to Florida to LA. Big cities are where it’s at for me :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s crazy to see how far the site has come. Looking forward to diving in more.

Hey Joe, good to see you.

Boy you go way back to the early days here by the sound of it, so great you have decided to venture into the guitar world again. Much will have change and no doubt more will be updated but no finer place to be. Great back story, looking to hear more from you.



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Welcome back to the community. I lived in the greater Los Angeles area in the 70s and traveled around much of it in my work. Many happy memories from my time there. Looking forward to hearing more from you. Recently I learned the song It never rains in southern California.

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Hello Joe and welcome. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to you hopefully posting some stuff in the AVOYP section of the community.

Hey Joe, sounds like you could do well on here! With your previous background you should soon be able to get to the level that you want to. I would say to go through everything right from the start to make sure that you’ve not missed anything important, I know that I had!
It should be a breeze to go through most of it, but stick to the learning progression, Justin’s course is to make you a musician, not someone who can play a few random tunes - if you follow the course you should be able to play more or less anything.
Good luck and enjoy playing and learning :sunglasses:

Hey Joe, where you going with that guitar in your hand?

Welcome back to the fray. I’m out in the Valley, probably not too far from you. 10 minutes away as the crow flies and a solid hour on a parking lot for a freeway. :wink:


Lol. I took my guitars to Eric’s Guitar Shop in Van Nuys for a setup a few months ago.

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Haha! That’s where I took a couple of my guitars as well. Good dude, does good work with reasonable prices. Dig it!