Hello all, Dave here from South Dakota U.S.A

Hey, hope everyone is doing well. A few years ago I got me a cheap electric guitar off ebay and started watching Justin’s youtube videos and learning to play. started changing stuff on the guitar like the action, the nut, ect. It really helped understand what people mean when they say a guitars playability. Also got into building tube amps and some pedals. Don’t have much money so I try to make the best of what I got. Just recently started using Justin’s website more. Figured out setting up the practice routine stuff and try to practice daily. Lots of great tools here and great people to help figure it all out.


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Hello Dave and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

What a great way to understand the workings of your guitar.

Hi Dave… welcome to the group.

Hi Dave and welcome to the Community.

If you are planning on building a practice schedule, it may be worth assessing where you are on your guitar journey and build it around areas that need work or new stuff you want to learn. If you have just been using Justin’s videos on YouTube, I would advise you work your way through the Grade system to establish your level. It should not take you long as everything you know and can play already should be a tick in the box but each lesson may contain something you missed or highlight a bad habit you may have picked up and we all do that when self teaching. Taking that approach should give you a good idea on what needs attention and you can build your practice plan around that.

If in doubt, shout here for help.



I have just started this, going back through all the lessons in order. I think every one has had something useful for me to learn (relearn), definitely a good use of time. :+1:

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Thanks to everyone for the welcome

Great advice Toby, and that is exactly what I did. Started from the beginning, I think I have the most trouble with strumming and rhythm. I used the phone app for a month and there’s things on there that are really helpful I just cant afford it right now. So I got a drum machine app on the computer(free one) and you can use a different sound for up strums and down strums. It made learning a pattern alot easier for me.


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Welcome to the Community, Dave. Sounds like you have a great approach, do loads of interesting things. Keep on rocking.

Hello @Dave999 welcome to the Community.

Cheers :smiley:
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