Hello all from Simon, an old hand here, learning plenty of good stuff!

Hi, I’ve been teaching myself to play guitar (and bass) for the past 40 odd years, felt it was high time I took a deeper dive in to how, what and why and signed up here a year ago. I’ve used Justin’s lessons on YouTube for ages, a great way to learn a new song for the band I play in and to get some tips on how to make things work when I was struggling. this is a wonderful resource that I come back to time and time again, keep up the great work Justin a huge thank you for all you and your team do with the website etc.

While I’m on, what platform does the community feel is best when looking to share an audio or video on here, I have a YouTube account but perhaps there is a better platform for this?

Best wishes



Hi Simon and welcome aboard :smiley:
40 years- Wow!
Loads of experience to share with us all :smiley:

This category here is actually where we usually post audio/video of where we are at the moment.
One of the moderators will probably shift this post over to the Introduction category.

If you would like to share a bundle of your previous recordings, it probably makes sense to start a
learning log and either share your YouTube channel link there, or simply the videos that you would like to share with the Community. If you post a number of videos here in a short period of time they will quickly fade into the ether…
The more you interact with other folks’ posts the more feedback you are likely to receive.
Look forward to following your journey :smiley:

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Thanks Brian, I’ll have a go at the YouTube thing and see how it goes. My main takeaway from the 40 years plus is that it’s fun, enjoy learning playing and if you get better as a result, that’s the bonus! Oh yes, then there’s the gear. With stamps or something they call it “collecting”, with guitars it’s an obsession! :rofl:


Hi Simon,
Welcome ,…Brian told everthing very well ,…
Only remains for me to say, … I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:

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Hey Simon, welcome to the community. I second the lots of fun wish

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Welcome to the Community Simon😊

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Welcome Simon! 40 years, that’s a long time and I’m sure there’s a lot what we can pick up from such an experienced member of this community! Curious for further postings!

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Hello Simon and welcome to our community. :slight_smile:

Great to have you here and I look forward to you hopefully sharing some of your playing, in the future.

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Well welcome welcome welcome. Can’t wait to hear your stuff and you.

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Hello Simon, welcome to the community! Looking forward to hearing some of your music.

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Hello Simon, welcome to the community.
You have quite a history of music making, it will be good to have you join in here.
Cheers :smiley:
| Richard_close2u | JustinGuitar Official Guide, Approved Teacher & Moderator