Hello all. OpsRes here. I'm looking Forward to the New Community

Good Morning All,
Came across from the old forum and I have to say I’m impressed.

I’ve been following Justin’s programs for a while and have been enjoying the journey. The past couple of years my activity on the forum has been minimal although I do read a lot of what has been posted. During that time, in addition to the general craziness in the world, I took on teaching several courses at the local Uni and that has kept me stupid busy.

The new Community has me excited, a new year in '22 and a renewed involvement. I’m working on trying to get a couple of songs ready to post as it’s been a couple of years since I put up an actual song.

Looking forward to a great year here,


Good to hear from you again, Glen, and glad you found your way over the new home. Wish you well getting the songs down.

Belated Greetings Glen. Good to see you :sunglasses:

Good to meet ya Glen and welcome over to the new community.

Hey David, Madman and Schmidtrock,
Thanks for the welcome. The new Community is going to fun.


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