Hello all. Some covers with singing in Dutch by Pimo

Marietje by Pimo

Cover of the Stevie Ray Vaughan song; ‘Mary has a little Lamb’, with my own lyrics in the Dutch language.


Nice work Pimo! It’s a great song which you handled perfectly.

I was wondering how it could possibly be so warm in the Netherlands - then I checked the date :grinning:

Hoi Pim,
Welkom hier, nice entry with this song :sunglasses: :clap:… that you had ready for a while…it had everything a nice song should have for me …only the sound was so so,…but it rocked like a house. :sunglasses: … please tell us about your motivation and where you come from and what you want with this community,…


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Welcome to the community Pim. Great first post.

Hello Roger_Holland, thanks for your reply. The sound is so-so because it’s not recorded professionally. My motivation comes from my love for the guitar. Originally I come from Holland but now I’m living for about 30 years in Thailand. Before I studied classical guitar, but my love was always for doing these kinds of things also. I like it to not only to cover the songs but also to do something else with them. So I wrote my own lyrics using the Dutch language. I will upload some more. I joint the community just for fun.

Dichtbij by Pimo (Take 2) - YouTube Dichterbij by Pimo. Cover in the Dutch language of the Stevie Ray Vaughan song; Close to You.

Welcome to the Community, Pim. I enjoyed both of your recordings, the playing, singing, and videos.

Look forward to you joining in and become an active member of the Community.

Thank you, David P, I have many more songs to share, just let me know if you people are appreciating them.

We do, Pim. We are also generally interested in how members are making use of JustinGuitar to aid learning and have a pay-it-forward approach in which we support each other, actively both sharing and receiving feedback/encouragement while doing the same for others.

Hey Pim !!! Bravo !!! You groove!!! Thank you!

Can’t beat a bit of SRV, that was great Pim!

For the fun of it, here’s a translation from ‘Marietje’ into the English language.
Marietje by Pimo

  • Stevie Ray Vaughan
  • English Lyrics & performance - by Pimo
    Verse 1:
    Marietje has a magic lamp
    And creates a little wonder
    She’s changed into a sexy vamp
    Full upstairs, tight from under
    Verse 2:
    Early morning on the way to school
    She’s making fun and has lots of joy
    All men are going to stampede
    Only fun and no nagging
    Verse 3:
    Trippel trappel, high heels
    Bottom shaking up and down
    Every man is getting on
    She does it time and time again

Welcome to the Community, Pim :smiley:
I don’t know much SRV, but you played this very competently from what I can tell.
The lyrics were a bit too Benny Hill for my taste.

Verloren Liefde - Cover in the Dutch language of the Rolling Stones song; Love in Vain, by Pimo


Love it Pim :heart_eyes:

Nice arrangement :ok_hand:

Very Nice Pimo,
Seems you’ve got a whole arsenal of guitars over there. :slight_smile:

Nice Pimo. That all came together really well!

Great job, Pimo. Such a classic song. Loved your picking and slide especially. Most enjoyable.

Pim, that was great. I loved the arrangement.

Cover in the Dutch language of the Stevie Ray Vaughan song 'Close to You. Lyrics and performance by Pimo https://youtu.be/25diaROgUm4