Hello All, Spencer from Birmingham, UK and sometimes Ireland

Hello Guitar people,

I’m Spence and I’ve owned Guitars for probably 30 years or so, however it was never my main instrument, I played Mandolin in a band for a long time. I’ve only just now became serious about Guitar in the last couple of years.

Have been looking around Justins website for the last couple of days and all I can say is Wow what a fantastic resource all this is, Fair Play Justin.

Ive really been knuckling down to music and guitar theory this last year and its been fantastic, I wished I have applied myself to it years ago.

I feel I’m just in a rut now as I don’t know what to do with all this new knowledge and technique I’ve found, I think I need someone to jam with and work out guitar parts and be creative with another person.

I have a really bad case of GAS (Guitar Acquisition Syndrome) I’m not sure I’ll ever be cured of this illness!!! I do love my guitars and I pick one up every day sometimes 5 minutes and sometimes a couple of hours.

Well that’s me and im very much looking forward to being part of the community.

Happy strumming



Hi Spence, welcome to the community! I’m only just pushing intermediate at the moment so don’t rut too often, but I’m sure some of the more experience guys and gals will have some ideas on a direction for you. :+1:t2:

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Welcome! I made my intro post just a day ago :slight_smile:
I hope you find a jam partner!
I also pick up my guitar many times a day for short playing sessions. It’s one of the benefits of working from home.

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Greetings Spence. I am glad that you are here. Another player named @GibsonJ15 introduced himself a few days ago in the Intro thread and he seems to have the same GAS challenge! I think it is a real condition! Welcome!


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I am enjoying my GAS condition. Provided the finances hold out.


Welcome to the community. Good to hear from you.

Cheers Goffik, thanks for the encouragement
Happy playing Dude

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The struggle is real, deep down I blooming love the syndrome!!! What a buzz new guitar day is :guitar:
Keep rocking Dude

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Good to be here
Cheers Tony :guitar::slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Rose, cool handle btw :+1:

There’s worse ailments to have for sure :wink:

Thanks for the message, happy rocking out :guitar:

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Hey Husain,

I work from home too and yes you’re right it’s a luxury really to be able to pick one up during the working day, however I think I get a little too distracted but ssssh don’t tell my Boss

Happy playing Dude :guitar:

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Yo Spence, I’m not a million miles away from you - Halesowen!
Yeah GAS is a real problem, I’ve accumulated a bit of a collection, but who cares as long as we’re having fun!!!

Hey Darrell, know it well my folks lived in Quinton.
Worse ways to spend our hard earned eh :wink:
Good to chat pal

Hi Spence,
Welcome and wish you a lot of fun…


Cheers Rogier

Happy to be here :guitar:

Hi Spence
Welcome :slight_smile:

Helli Spence, welcome to the community. With years of mandolin experyou will have some useful techniques that will benefit you long term in the shorter term you are on a wholly different instrument so take your time to learn good habits correctly.

Hi Spence! Glad to have you join the community. :smiling_face: Good luck with your lessons!

Thank you, happy to be here amongst guitar folk

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Hey Richard, thanks for the encouragement dude. Yes I’ve had string instruments for as long as I care to remember inc guitars but because I’ve played others I never focused on guitar and this last year with theory and lots of practice just on the guitar I’m really happy with my progress.
Great to be here among like minded people

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