Hello all this is Keith

I’m from Indonesia I’m a true lefty been playing on and off for approximately 20 years and played a while when i was 12…to 16 years old then dropped it but always kind of had a guitar around cause somewhere in the back of my head i had a passion for music. and knew that songwriting was part of the journey. so for the past five years I’ve been really focused more on the music and started to play a lot more, I love the guitar I’m a very solid finger style guitar player but my strumming absolutely sucks ,so i was hoping to find a guitar teacher in my country but thats not happeninng…so i found Justin…and I’m totally loving it. started grade one today…starting from scratch…follow it from the beginning nice to meet you all Keith. Im a singer and up and coming song writer written 10 songs so far…i only write when they show up in my life…im 64 years old singing on stage singing rock songs,tons of fun…Im not a good writer…so be kind haha…


thanks all for the warm welcome…

Welcome to the forum Keith

Welcome to the community Keith!

here.s a little tip for all you players that are starting there journey on guitar…
the best thing you could do is buy a good guitar…you will learn faster and its easer to play the action on the fretboard is much lower so chords and fingering is easier…everything you play sounds better and if your serious and are in for the long hale…the guitar will last forever…I.ve had my Taylor now for more than 20 years…it was my first real guitar that really set me on the path and today it sounds incredible. and its 24 years old…it wasnt cheap back then even…i paid about 2000 usd for a custom left handed 314e …but the desire to play when i first got it was amazing…i have a second taylor gs mini that only cost 700 but again its a dream to play…so if have the money its worth every penny…it helped me excel faster and the great desire to learn cheers good luck all .

Welcome, and enjoy the journey. :smiley:

Hi Keith, welcome aboard. Another newbie here, seems like a great forum.

Hi Keith
Nice to meet you! Welcome to the community :smiling_face: :sunflower:

Hi Keith,

Welcome to the community from another Keith, currently in Malaysia.



Hi Keith, welcome to the community forum. Justin Guitar is a great place to improve your strumming. Justin gives a lot of good instruction on strumming in the beginning lessons. There are also a lot of good strumming instruction in the song lesson video. That is why i am trying to watch all the song lesson videos. Some of the grade 1 song lessons have grade 3 or higher strumming or rhythm techniques after teaching the simple version of the song. Have fun.

Hi Keith,
nice to meet you! With your interests in songwriting you will be in good company in this forum. There is a whole section for those who enjoy to get creative.
Wishing you lots of fun!

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Hi Keith,
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:

Hello Keith and welcome.

Can I suggest you consider changing your username - it resembles an email address.

Hi Keith, welcome. Good you’ve started working on your strumming and that you found Justin Guitar to support you on that. I advise you to go through the modules in the order they are set up and give a try to every lesson and exercise even if you think you already know them. Justin introduces very early improvisation and songwriting so you should get a boost on that. Have fun.

Hi Keith, welcome. :wave: