Hello all!

Again, thank you again for the warmest of welcomes to the JustinGuitar community. I appreciate it!


Hi Gary, welcome. Good you’re getting closer to play the rock music you love. Although your ultimate goal is to play rock guitar your guitar skills will benefit from playing other types of music to develop your guitar skills at least as an exercise like any other. Have fun.

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Thank you!

I did about an hours learning today with Justin’s course and although the ends of my fingers are hurting :joy:, I had so much fun and the progress is coming along nicely.

I love the journey it’s taking me on and I love the fact that I decided to dedicate time to it.

Hi Gari, welcome to the community forum. Have fun on your new guitar journey.

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hi and welcome !
Having an easy access to the guitar and play whenever you feel like it is a good idea :slight_smile:
mine is right next to my working desk

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