Hello all

Thanks for the advice. My guitar is on a stand in my office/practice room. I often pick her up and do some finger exercises and a few chords when I think about it through the day ready for the lesson at 8pm sharp :grin: I also just love the guitar being in sight, it’s a lovely thing to look at………don’t know if I am the only weird one that thinks that :joy: :+1:

Hi Tony,
I wish I had kept at it but as with you, kids and work were just too time consuming at the time. Now I have the time and life is at a slower pace, I am loving guitar practice. I look forward to practice time which is 8pm every evening and I enjoy it so much. Sundays I often do not do a lesson but have a practice at finger exercises and songs I like. The songs on a Sunday kind of show me the progress I have made through the week. It’s a right buz when I get a song sounding not half bad and really motivates me :+1:

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Hi grabhorn,

Many thanks for the warm welcome. :+1:

Hi Avalon426,
Yep some great advice. Thanks for the warm welcome. :+1:

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Hi SteveL_G99,

I wish I had stuck at it years ago but it’s great to now have the time. Tha app is amazing. It is so easy to follow and I am surprised how well I am doing in a short space of time. Hopefully in years to come I will be reasonably good. I am determined to get there :grin::+1:

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Hi TheCluelessLuthier,

Thanks for the welcome. It certainly is a great place to learn things that’s for sure. :+1:

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Hi Elixir1253,

Many thanks for the welcome :+1:

Well Paul, if you were the only one then I’d think you were weird!!!

I have guitars on display all over,
1 in the bedroom,
2 in my music room/study
2 in our living room
& 1 on a stand + 1 on the wall in my office at work!!!

I can only play one at a time, I know, but sure do enjoy seeing them throughout my day!!!

Enjoy your musical toys!!!


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Nice CATMAN62! I have promised myself another guitar once I feel I have learnt enough to deserve it. It’s a long way off but a reward I am looking forward to :+1:

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So, my thoughts :thought_balloon: on THAT:

:sunglasses:DO NOT WAIT!!! :sunglasses: :blush:

:+1:Get something you love NOW :+1:
THEN you guilt yourself into playing more to justify the $$$ you’ve spent!!!

I’m a procrastinator. If I wait to do something, I’ll generally keep waiting. It won’t get done. Ever. Even things I want to do.

Just my 2 cents…


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