Hello all

Hello community members,

My name is Paul, from the south of Wales in the United Kingdom. I am just setting out on my guitar journey.

When I was a small child I always remember my Grandad playing the organ an (old now) Yamaha that my mum still has. It weighs a ton. I used to be amazed that he could sit at the organ and play and family and friends would watch him and enjoy the music he played. Sadly he died at a young age when I was also very young. But, I guess It is because of my Grandad I am starting this journey, and I hope to do my Grandad justice. Who knows, maybe we will get to play together one day!

I have recently purchased Justins app and progressing along quite nicely. I did have the intention of learning guitar going back sixteen or seventeen years ago (and have Justins song book and DVD from back then to prove it :wink: However, two babies came along and work increased so that sadly put pay to that at the time.

It is great I now have the time to do something that has always interested me. Over the last couple of weeks I have realised how much I truly enjoy learning the guitar. I know it takes a long time but I am committed to learn as much as I can and strive to be as good as I possibly can.

Best Regards,


Hello Paul and welcome.

Great you are here and you will find much encouragement on your journey, enjoy your time. :smiley:

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Hi Paul,
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:

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Welcome Paul, that ability to play something for others to enjoy, but above all yourself, is absolutely priceless. Good luck and enjoy!!

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:wave: Welcome to the group Paul.


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Welcome to the forum Paul

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Hello Paul & welcome aboard!!!
My advice to “newbies” is to put your guitar on a stand or hang it in a wall… I pick mine up & play for 5-10 minutes while my morning coffee is brewing!!! Makes a big difference when you don’t have to get the case, open it & put it back away after…
Good luck! We’re all wishing you success!!!



Hey Paul, welcome to the community. My story is similar to yours, tried to learn 30 years ago when I had young kids and it just didn’t stick. A bit over 10 years ago I tried again and am so glad I stuck with it as the reward is just wonderful. Hang in there, the first month or two can be a challenge but you’ll very soon make recognizable and enjoyable progress. You are on your way!

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Welcome, Paul!

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Hi Paul
Nice to meet you and welcome! :smiling_face:

This is great advice! I always have my guitar out and easily accessible too. All those 5-10 minutes add up :smiley:
And you’re definitely in the right place for learning with JustinGuitar and with this community of supportive people who also share your love of guitar :sunflower:

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Hi Paul, welcome to the community forum. I had the Justin beginner book and DVD many years ago and finally came back more determined just like you less than 2 years ago. The app and website are a great way to learn and there is a lot of help in the community. Have fun learning songs.

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Welcome to the community Paul! It truly is a very helpful and supportive place to learn and enjoy.

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Welcome Paul, good offerings above, especially trying to keep your guitar “in plain sight” .

Focus on the fun … :sunglasses:

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Thanks Malz for the warm welcome :+1:

Hi Rogier. Many thanks for the welcome :+1:

Thank you MacOneill :+1:

Hi Notter,

I am looking forward to being able to play at a relatively good level. I have a few ambitious songs I am aiming to be able to play in the future. At the moment things are progressing quite nicely and I have surprised myself how it’s going for a man in his early 50’s :joy:

Thank you so much Libitina :+1:

Thanks for the welcome stitch :+1: