Hello! am Jordan from Denver, CO USA

I am 43 years old and its always been a goal to be able to pick up a guitar and actually play it. I have had a guitar since college, but played on a off for many years (3-6 months on/ 2 years off)…never consistently enough to be considered anything but a true beginner. I have been playing consistently for the last 7 months or so. I am in the habit of playing daily, but with my schedule some days more than others. I am really enjoying the lessons so far. I am currently at Grade 2 Module 10. Learning La Bamba riff. Hope everyone is enjoying themselves.


Welcome to the forum Jordan

Welcome to another Denverite! Well, I moved to Littleton…but I am in the general Metro Demver area and still have a rental in Denver!

Good deal. Similar situation, dont feel guilty missing a day here and there. Some times I notice that I play a little better after missing a day. Not sure if its because my tips heal a little or if I am just eager to play. :joy:

Lots of good stuff coming up in 2.

Hey Jordan, welcome to the community. For me, playing every day without fail made a big difference so good on you for latching on to one of the secrets. The nice thing is the reward you get from persevering is so very worth it. Look forward to hearing more from you

Hi Jordan,
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:

Hello Jordan & Welcome!!!
I hope you enjoy your Journey to guitar excellence!!!
Have lots of fun & good luck!!!


HI Jordan, welcome to the community forum. It is great that you are able to play almost every day now. You will make progress if you keep on playing and having fun.