Hello at all here from Verena in Austria 🤟

Hello from Austria :guitar::relaxed:


Hi Verena,
This is the shortest introduction I’ve seen :upside_down_face:…don’t you like to say something more? how long you play , your motivation … your goals in your life … or at least playing guitar :wink: … I wish you lots of fun and a great learning curve on this fantastic instrument :sunglasses:


Servus Verena und ganz herzlich willkommen in diesem Forum :hugs:!
I’m from Austria, as well. I started my guitar journey in Spring and am right now on the jump to grade 2.
I wish you a great time with your six-string-friend :smiley:.

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Welcome to the forum Verena

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Welcome to the community, Verena! I am glad you found us here, I think you will find it to be a very supportive and welcoming place :hugs:

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Hi Roger!

Sorry. i startet playing Guitar in Summer this Year. First I played Witz an Fender Accustic Guitar,but It sounds not very good. So I decided to Play E Guitar, wich makes a lot of fun. Now I am playing an Western Guitar. This is a lot of fun. I am 41 Years old. I usually Play 2 Hours a day.


Guten Morgen Nicole!

Wow cool noch jemand aus Österreich. Hey das ist cool. Ich bin mittendrin sozusagen bin gerade auf Stufe 5 im Buch und Online auf 8, beim Beginner Course.

Beim Umgreifen der Akkorde komme ich bei mehreren Akkordwechseln noch nicht ganz zurecht.

Weiters komme ich leider mit dem Songbook nicht so ganz klar. Könntest mir damit vl helfen bitte?

LG Verena

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Thank you so much.

Hello :guitar::love_you_gesture:

Hello Silvia.

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Thank you Stitch​:relaxed::guitar:

Hello :blush:

Hello Verena, welcome to JustinGuitar and this wonderful community. :slight_smile:

Good morning Verena,
Oh wow, just started this summer and already at module 8 :open_mouth:. You‘re definitely a faster learner than I am :grinning:.
I‘m using Justin’s Beginner Songbook, as well, alongside the course on his website. But the book refers to an older course which doesn‘t exist anymore (as far as I know - can somebody please correct me, if this information is false? :upside_down_face:) . In the book I‘m still at stage 3.

Smooth chord changes are also a big challenge for me. I‘m doing a lot of one-minute-changes and perfect-change exercises to improve it. But it needs a lot of practice - at least for me - to get better on this. Besides of practice, it needs a lot of patience, as well :wink:.

That‘s the most important aspect at all :smiley:.

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Hello Verena, welcome to the community!

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Hello :blush:

Hi Verena, wishing you a warm welcome to the community

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Hello, Thank you very mich :relaxed: