Hello! BLIM. I'm Michael in Oklahoma

Hello everyone from Oklahoma,

I signed up for the Blues Immersion class. I have browsed through Justin’s lessons in the past but haven’t fully gotten into anything yet. Since the BLIM is going by decades, for the most part, each month I am going to try and do a period correct guitar (the closest I can).

Month 1 1920s-40s: I don’t like acoustic guitars so I’m going to use my hollow body Ibanez AFV

Month 2 1950s: butterscotch 50s tele

Month 3 1960s: maybe a custom tele? Single coil bridge and humbucker neck.

Month 4 1970s: Les Paul?

Month 5 1980s: strat? Since SRV was big then

Month 6 1990s: ???

It is nice to meeting all of you and I am looking forward to chatting with all of you in the future.



Welcome to the community, Michael! :slight_smile:

Cool idea to assign a certain guitar fitting the time period covered in those months. Wish you loads of fun on the BLIM-journey. :smiley:


Hey Mike, welcome to the community, look forward to hearing more from you,

Hi Michael, welcome to the community and good luck with BLIM, and it looks like all your guitars are going to get a good workout. :grinning:

Hello Mike & Welcome!

Hope you have a blast & learn a lot in Blues Immersion!!!
Good Luck!


Hello Mike and welcome to the Community. Good see you arrived in the big city first !
But don’t forget to drop an intro HERE in the BLIM Village, where all the other Blimmers reside,


Hi Mike,
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun :sunglasses:

Hi Mike, welcome to the community forum. Enjoy the BLIM course.

I went there and it says “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private”.

Have you purchased the course ? If you have you should be able to access all the BLIM Categories. It is a closed group. Copying @FannyJustinGuitar & @larynejg in case they need to sort out your access.


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I emailed Fanny.

Thanks for your help!


Sent you an email :slight_smile:


Hello Michael.
Welcome to JustinGuitar and this fantastic community. Please take your time to look around and get to know the wider space.

We are a supportive and encouraging group of students and guitarists from across the world. Essentially, we are all here for music and to improve as players. We truly are a ‘community’. Members help and support one another and a friendly, positive attitude underpins this. We hope that all - young or old, experienced or new players - adopt and foster the pay-it-forward ethos that Justin personifies and embedded all those years ago when he started the website and forum.

Also, please make sure to read the community etiquette announcement for some important information and guidance.