Hello. David here - back after a long lay off

I bought Justin’s classic course awhile back but had to give it up because of an injury. I am ready to start again. I live in the country and my internet isn’t that good. My question is; is the classic course still good or that much different from his new course? Since I have the older course, will it be ok to restart with that?


The old course is still available but the new course has so
much more. Justin out did himself with it.
He also takes his lesson left handed which has helped a lot
of beginners with practicing.
You can still use the old books they are still relevant, they won’t follow
the new course exactly.

There was a link to the old course on the new website but it looks like
it’s been take down. You can access it here

I agree that you should default to the new course. Justin is making upgrades all the time and adding new lessons and new songs. Welcome back and good luck on the journey.

Hello David and welcome back

As others have said its possible to follow the classic course, but I would also recommend to follow the new course.

Hi @DBRamsey and welcome to the new community.
the classic course is still all available online here: Beginner Guitar Course [CLASSIC] | JustinGuitar.com
If you have limited internet access then learning from your physical copies of the classic course using books / dvds etc will absolutely help you learn to play just fine.
That said, as already mentioned here, the improvements to the course are notable. So when you do have internet access follow along with the new courses here: All Lessons | JustinGuitar.com
Cheers :slight_smile:

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Thanks everyone. I think for now I will just use the Classic Course and look into the new one when I can.

Hello and welcome to the community David. :slight_smile:

Hi David, welcome. I have not seen the paper version of the course. Is it the one with two companion CDs? I am finishing the beginner [classic] and I am in parallel quickly reviewing the material of the new course grades 1 and 2. There is some new content in the newer version of the course and Justin has thought improved ways to present the old content, but I would say you should be good with the paper version and you can here and there check some things in the website, specially the ones you could be struggling with. Good you recovered from your injury and go back to your guitar lessons.