Hello - David here. It’s all a mystery to me - but I'm here

Hi David, one thing that is no mystery is that this is the most helpful, positive, and supportive Community of friends you’ll ever find to enjoy your learning adventure with the guitar! Glad you are here, looking forward to perhaps seeing you post a video or two of yourself at #all-about-your-music:audio-video-of-you-playing or here Beginner's safe space.

Hi again @Dave911 I’m slowly solving the mysteries, slowly finding my way around the Community and the feedback has been, as you say, helpful, friendly and positive. The Community is huge and I will have only seen a fraction of it I don’t want it to distract me though so I’ll just look at it bit by bit. I think Justin’s comments in his Newsletter about technology controlling our lives are very true.
Justin comes across as a good bloke, a friendly bloke and I can imagine his manner spreading across this Community.
I’m glad I’m here, it’s doing me good
Catch you again.